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Citroën Ami: now available in Germany

The Citroën AMi in night sepia color

Citroën is taking a new step in its mission to democratise urban mobility with the launch of Ami in Germany, long reserved for its Opel Rocks-e cousin. The Ami will be available from the end of August 2024 with an offer starting at just 39 euros per month.

Accessibility redefined: urban mobility for all

From the age of 15 and with an AM licence, young German drivers will soon be able to get behind the wheel of an Ami. Thomas Goldboom, Director of Citroën Germany, emphasises: "The Citroën Ami is the smart solution for urban mobility. Compact dimensions, protection against bad weather and everyday autonomy, all at an unrivalled price starting at 39 euros per month".

Citroën is responding to the growing demand for affordable and ecological urban transport solutions. With the launch of Ami on the German market, the brand offers a competitive alternative to other means of transport, with a reduced environmental footprint and minimal running costs.

Ami conquers new markets

Initially limited and focused on certain European markets, notably France and Italy, where it has been a great success, the marketing of Ami will be extended to several countries in 2024. In addition to Germany, the brand's small chip will also make its debut in Brazil and other countries, responding to the growing demand for sustainable mobility solutions.

"We are delighted to offer Ami to our customers in Germany, which is an important step in our commitment to making electric mobility accessible to all," said Thomas Goldboom. This strategic expansion underlines Citroën's ongoing commitment to innovate and adapt its offer to the specific needs of different global markets.

The Citroën Ami also introduces a new colour palette with Night Sepia, an elegant and exclusive shade of grey that replaces the old standard blue. This colour gives the Ami an unmistakable presence on the urban road, underlining its modern character and avant-garde urban design.

To facilitate the purchase, Citroën offers a fully digital purchase experience through its Ami online store. Customers can order their Ami directly from the Citroën website, select their preferred dealer for delivery and finalise their purchase or leasing contract in just a few clicks. "The digital sale of the Ami simplifies the purchase process for our customers and offers maximum flexibility while maintaining a high level of customer service," explains Thomas Goldboom, adding, "This approach reflects Citroën's desire to innovate in the way vehicles are purchased and used in today's dynamic urban environments."

In summary, the arrival of the Citroën Ami in Germany marks a significant turning point for the brand and for the future of sustainable urban mobility. With competitive pricing, increased accessibility for young drivers and a reduced environmental footprint, the Ami is positioned as the solution of choice for those seeking affordable mobility. By gradually extending the availability of Ami to new markets such as Brazil and other European countries, Citroën is demonstrating its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of consumers around the world. In the era of transition to electric mobility, Ami stands out not only for its design and price, but also for its catalytic role in transforming the urban landscape.

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