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Citroën Ami Buggy: a stunning launch campaign

With My Ami Buggy, Citroën offers a small beach buggy with a funky and original look.

Following the success of the concept and the first series, which was sold out in less than 18 minutes, Citroën has just presented the second series of the Ami Buggy version, with 1,000 units to be sold from 20 June in 9 countries. For the launch campaign, Citroën and its advertising agency, Raymonde, wanted to reach out to Sunday adventurers with strong, effective and surprising visuals.

It is the card of humour that Citroën played with its communication agency Raymonde to announce the arrival of Ami Buggy with the desire to reach the Sunday backpackers. As with the campaign at the beginning of 2021, where Citroën took the opposite view to Ami's critics and had fun with its little chip, this campaign for Ami Buggy uses the same tools to show that, despite all the gadgets that transform it into a buggy, it is still a small car limited to 45 km/hr.

For the launch campaign, Citroën uses humour and originality for My Ami Buggy

It is a form of honesty to say that the appearance of the buggy has nothing to do with the possibilities offered by Ami, which will be perfect above all for weekends at the beach or visits to urban centres in a total look rather than long rallies or wilder escapades. This quirky and humorous universe will be widely disseminated on social networks, in the press and even on television, and will be visible in all the countries where the Ami buggy is sold: France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey. Greece and the United Kingdom. A great journey for a car limited to 75 km!

This second series of the My Ami Buggy, which is sold in France for €10,490, is even closer to the original concept, in particular with a roof element that takes up the concept's visor or even the bag that is attached to the steering wheel. Still without doors, but this time equipped with transparent covers that make it even more versatile, My Ami Buggy offers a real feeling of freedom at the wheel, increasing the pleasure of being on board tenfold.


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