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Citroën, a very Spanish brand

The range of Citroëns made in Spain

Citroën has been present in Spain for a very long time and has produced many of its models there, to the point where the brand is considered to be of Spanish origin. Today, Citroën manufactures 5 models in Spain (C4, C4 X, Berlingo, C3 Aircross and C-Elysée), representing almost 60% of its sales in the country.

Citroën has been present in Spain for more than 60 years and has produced more than 13.2 million cars in the three factories owned by the Stellantis Group. The brand has been present in Spain since 1925, when it set up the Société Espagnole des Automobiles Citroën to sell its models. Citroën's history with a factory in Spain began with the 2CV minivan, the first Citroën produced in the country and one of the 37 models produced by the brand since then.

Today, Citroën is the only car brand to produce vehicles in three different plants in Spain: Madrid, Vigo and Zaragoza. Five strategic models for the brand, belonging to very different segments and representing six out of ten brand sales on the Spanish market. All these models, benchmarks in their respective segments, are one of the great strengths of Stellantis' industrial leadership in Spain, where 851,661 vehicles were produced in 2022, i.e. 38.4% of the cars manufactured in the country.

These figures are impressive, but they hide an even more important role for Citroën in the Spanish economy, since, apart from the factories, more than half of the parts that make up the cars are manufactured in Spain, a proportion that reaches 67% for the C4 X. A commitment to the product and to Spanish know-how that involves more than 300 companies in 14 autonomous communities.

Citroën and Spain are therefore a long love story that has lasted for several decades and shows no signs of coming to an end, given the industrial importance of Spain for the brand with the chevrons. With production costs lower than in France, Spain allows Citroën to offer more competitive vehicles than its competitors, which should ensure that a large part of future production will continue to take place in the country, even if the future C3 Aircross will leave Spain for Slovakia and the Trnava plant.

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