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Citroën sharply reduces prices in Switzerland

The new Citroën C3 in red and blue

A few weeks after Germany and Austria, Citroën is announcing a significant price reduction in Switzerland to coincide with the changeover to its new range, now structured around the You, Plus and Max versions. In line with its vocation as a popular brand, these price reductions should allow Citroën to recover, as we recently saw in Germany, where the brand had an exceptional month of October.

In the face of inflation, orders for new cars are falling for many brands because prices are too high. In response, Citroën has announced a significant price reduction in Switzerland, just a few weeks after Germany and Austria, where the brand was hit hard. In Switzerland, too, Citroën is significantly reducing the list prices of its range of products, with an average reduction of 13%, which can go up to 8,800 Swiss francs or 9,100 euros.

Olivier Martin, Managing Director of Citroën Switzerland, explains: "For 104 years, Citroën has offered affordable mobility with unique design and comfort. Iconic models such as the 2CV or the Ami have opened up new horizons in personal transport, with incomparable design and affordable for all - typically Citroën: For everyone, like no one else. This is where we want to return. The current price spiral is getting worse, it is time to reverse the trend and make affordable mobility accessible to more people. That is why we are now significantly reducing the prices of our cars. We will continue to offer our customers comfortable, attractive and affordable cars with a 5-year or 100,000 km warranty in Switzerland at no extra cost."

This price adjustment and simplification of the offer will immediately provide customers with greater price transparency and competitiveness in the market.

The list prices will be reduced differently by segment and are organised as follows

  • For the C3, the entry-level model sees its base price reduced by 3,000 Swiss francs (€3,100) to 13,990 Swiss francs (€14,500). The other trim levels are further reduced by 3,900 Swiss francs or just over €4,000.

  • The C3 Aircross now starts at 17,990 Swiss francs, a reduction of 5,810 Swiss francs (6,000 euros).

  • For the C4, the You version is introduced at a price of 19,990 Swiss francs (€20,750), while the rest of the range drops by 4,000 Swiss francs or €4,150. The electric version now starts at 29,990 Swiss francs (€31,100), while the other electric versions see their price drop by 4,910 Swiss francs or €5,100.

  • The C4

  • The C5 Aircross now starts at 26,990 Swiss francs (€28,000), while the other trim levels see a price reduction of up to 8,800 Swiss francs or €9,100. The plug-in hybrid version is now offered at 32,990 Swiss francs (€34,250), a drop of 4,000 francs (€4,150).

In Germany, Austria and now Switzerland, Citroën is continuing its efforts to make its models more accessible with significant price reductions, which should have a significant impact on sales in the coming months. If this trend is still limited to certain countries, it could gradually spread to others, since the tendency is not to offer enormous price differences between European countries, as the brand has shown with the new C3, which is offered at the same price in eight European countries. These price reductions could therefore continue in other markets, in the hope that they will arrive in France.

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