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Citroën reinvests in the van segment with Type Holidays

The Citroën Type Holidays van seen from the front

Citroën and leisure have always been a long love story that the brand is keen to re-invest in, as it is the number 2 brand in the European camper van segment. It is therefore taking advantage of the largest exhibition dedicated to leisure vehicles, the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, to present a SpaceTourer equipped with the Type H kit by Caselani.

After a series of concept cars based on converted vans, Citroën is returning to this niche with a new concept called Type Holidays, based on the SpaceTourer. For this concept, the brand turned to the Slovenian company Bravia Mobil, which took care of the specific layout of the van, equipping the Citroën Type Holidays with the necessary equipment for an ideal travel experience:

  • A pop-up roof that allows you to stand up in the living area of the Citroën Type Holidays and houses a large bed that can accommodate 2 people in night mode.

  • A bench in row 2 that folds out to form a comfortable double bed. This bench can also be completely removed to create more storage space.

  • Two front seats that swivel towards the living area.

  • A full kitchenette (cooking area, sink, fridge).

  • A folding table for eating or working and several cupboards for storing your belongings.

  • A Webasto heating system to ensure an optimal temperature on board.

The Citroën Type Holidays will be on show from 25 August to 3 September at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, the world's most international motorhome exhibition. With its neo-retro exterior and modern interior, the Type Holidays promises to be a very special way to travel, making it the ideal companion for an escape in complete freedom, in style!

The Citroën Type Holidays is a strong allusion to the Type H, another mythical vehicle of the brand, which it highlights with the Caselani kit, but also with a grey colour inseparable from the original Type H. The inscription Type Holidays is another wink, then "Type H" is written in infrared, the new colour of Citroën. Above all, this concept is not a free vehicle, but heralds the launch of a range of equipped vans, quite logically called Holidays, which will be offered directly in La Arque dealerships by the end of the year, the brand announcing details by the end of the year.

This Citroën Type Holidays is more important than it seems because it confirms that the brand is continuing to build on its fabulous heritage, which it will continue to highlight, while investing in a buoyant segment in which it already occupies second place in terms of sales. Type Holidays also demonstrates Citroën's ambition to invest in the leisure vehicle segment with its future Holidays range.

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I really hope this lands in the UK as is😍

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