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Citroën refines the new 2024 Berlingo

Citroën is working on the new 2024 Berlingo

In a few weeks' time, the new C3 will become the star of the Citroën range. However, it will soon be followed by the new Berlingo, which is showing off the tip of its completely refreshed nose and has just been wowed during tests in Spain.

This last series of photos allows us to see that the restyling will focus mainly on the front of the Berlingo and its cousins Peugeot Partner or Opel Combo, among others. The entire front will be completely redesigned and only the bonnet will remain identical to the launch. The headlights and the badge will be completely new.

If images of the Berlingo's restyling were already circulating, this latest series of photos suggests a thinner camouflage, thus revealing more details of this restyling, which promises to be quite important for this Berlingo, with a completely new frontal physiognomy. The headlights are now in one piece, replacing the old DRLs of the first generation, mechanically raising the previously lower headlights. The new headlamps are in keeping with the spirit of the Oli concept, with horizontal LED bars framing a vertical bar that is still disguised. This is in line with the illustration we proposed a few weeks ago.

In the first photo, we can also see the slight edge created by the brand's new oval logo, which, as on the Oli Concept, stands out slightly from the bodywork; is this due to the camouflage or is it really the new design? Impossible to say at this stage. What we can say is that the design of the new Berlingo 2024 will be very sophisticated, and we can confirm that the front of the new Berlingo will be much more polished than the current one.

We offer you an updated version of the restyled Berlingo, based on the latest elements and information, which shows how much this front end changes and how much the Berlingo gains in personality. The headlights, now in one piece, clearly reflect the visual signature released by Oli, but we are still far from repeating what Citroën's latest concept offered in terms of style.

illustration of the new 2024 Berlingo with its completely new front end

The new restyled Citroën Berlingo is due to be unveiled shortly after the new C3 and will be the second car to bear the brand's new logo with, incidentally, significant changes to its front end, abandoning the somewhat toy-like design of the previous Berlingo in favour of a style that gains in personality and gives pride of place to the herringbone.

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The roof rails also seem to have changed on the mule.

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