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Citroën records excellent June sales in Portugal

The Citroën C4 seen from three-quarter front in its electric version

Citroën's sales were driven by the excellent performance of its commercial vehicle range, which led the way in several countries, including France, but also the United Kingdom, where the Berlingo van was the best-selling model for the six-month period. In Portugal, Citroën again had an excellent month in June with its commercial vehicles, although the passenger car range also performed very well.

Citroën thus closed June in third place with 1,871 units sold, representing a 7.4% share (PC+LCV), with strong growth of 120.6% compared to the same month last year, almost three times the growth of the market (+44.0%).

June was also the peak month for Citroën light commercial vehicles, which performed very dynamically over the six-month period, thanks in particular to the Berlingo van. With 645 units sold, Citroën was the best-selling brand in the month, recording a significant increase of 189.2%, three times the growth of the LCV market (+62.3%), giving Citroën a market share of 20.3%.

On the global market (PC+LCV), Citroën recorded sales of 7,152 units in the first half of the year, representing a market share of 5.8%, thanks in particular to the good performance of the PC range, including the C3 Aircross, which ended the month of June in second place in its segment, the same position as the C4 in the C-sedan segment, and even first place among the general brands. As for the ë-C4, it is in second place in the C-BEV segment with 569 units sold.

Finally, Citroën's good performance also concerns Ami, which sold 44 units in June, representing a market share of 42.9%, bringing the total for the first half of the year to 226 units, representing a market share of 31.5%. Citroën's little chip stood out with the opening of orders for the Buggy version, 50 of which were destined for Portugal and all of which found buyers in 3 hours and 10 minutes with a Portuguese customer who completed the entire chat in 2mn19, a sign of the interest aroused by this version.

In conclusion, June was a good month for Citroën in Portugal, with strong sales growth and a market share significantly higher than in the first half of the year. The performance of the commercial range is excellent, but the passenger car range is also holding up well, with 2 models in the top 3 in their respective segments, not counting the Ami, which is definitely successful wherever it goes.

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