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Citroën presents the Women by Citroën programme in Argentina

Citroën launches Women by Citroën in Argentina

Citroën is a feel-good brand that puts people first, as we saw recently in the UK with the support of a charity. The brand is therefore naturally committed to gender equality and is inviting its customers to take part in the Women by Citroën campaign.

Women are involved in the decision to buy a family car in 80% of new car sales. However, during the life of their cars, they are virtually absent from the service workshops. So that women do not have to rely on others to take care of their vehicles, Citroën Argentina has designed this theoretical and practical workshop so that the brand's dealers throughout the country can attract and keep their customers and invite many other women who would like to learn the ideal tips for good driving and daily car care.

This workshop is run exclusively by women for women, is completely free and lasts an hour and a half. It is held in person at brand dealerships across the country. After the conference, guests have the opportunity to stay and test drive the cars on display at the dealership.

Soledad Bereciartua, creator of Women by Citroën, says: "30% of driving licences in our country are held by women, and when it comes to who really drives on Argentina's roads, this figure drops to 20% of the driver population. There is still a lot of work to be done to continue to bring women closer to the world of automobiles. others are linked to our brands. On this occasion, with Women by Citroën, we will reach out to our customers to bring them closer to the aftersales service, but also to many other women who want to know the best advice so that they can take care of their cars themselves".

The theoretical and practical contents of the presentations are

  • Advice on use and management to optimise fuel consumption.

  • Correct driving position so that safety systems work properly.

  • Using the seatbelt (even when pregnant) and the consequences of not using it.

  • How to get children into the car.

  • Consequences of carrying moving objects in the passenger compartment. How to hold them well.

  • The importance of tyre condition and the consequences of incorrect tyre pressure and tread.

  • Engine maintenance: how to check fluids (engine water, oil, windscreen washer fluid, brake fluid, etc.).

  • How to change a tyre.

Citroën is a brand that is close to people, a brand that puts people first. With this action, which aims to enable women to take ownership of their car, Citroën is promoting equality between men and women so that they are not influenced by maintenance operations. Being a popular brand also means being close to customers, all customers, and supporting them throughout their relationship with the brand.

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