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Citroën presents the second series of the My AMi buggy: just as daring and even more fun.

After an initial concept that was a huge success, Citroën offered a first version of My AMI Buggy limited to France, with only 50 units, all of which were sold in just over 18 minutes. This was enough to convince Citroën to offer a new series, this time much larger and intended for nine countries.

My AMI Buggy has always aimed to transform the AMI from a small city buggy to a small beach buggy by emphasising its adventurous character. This is still the case with this second series, which takes up exactly the artifices of the first version, namely a khaki body tinted in the mass that a few yellow elements are spiced up.

However, Citroën has gone a step further with this second series by introducing some interesting new features that bring this My AMI buggy a little closer to the concept. For example, this second version is equipped with a bright yellow nomad bag that is fixed to the centre of the steering wheel and has a zip to hold various items belonging to the driver.

the cabin. My Ami Buggy 2 also features a roof element inspired by the concept car's visor, which allows the fabric of the sunroof to be better stretched. Citroën has made a number of improvements to the Ami, including this waterproof black hood, which is now closed by a zip for greater convenience and speed. The fabric is fully integrated into the silhouette thanks to a roof trim that allows it to be stretched as far as possible, giving the whole a consistent style. It is also less susceptible to air infiltration during the journey. Rollable, it attaches to the roof frame with snaps.

The philosophy of My AMI Buggy is not to have doors or a roof to offer the most airy driving, but Citroën has decided to make this second series even more versatile by equipping My AMI Buggy with new plastic covers with zips to protect the occupants from the 'outside'. They complete the roof protection to create an almost closed cabin in the event of wind, cold or rain. In everyday use, when the occupants want a breath of fresh air, they simply remove the covers, roll them up to the rear at seat height and position them on the door pillars using press studs. When not in use, they can be stored in a garage during the height of summer.

To secure the transparent tarpaulins and the soft top, Citroën has added door and roof frames that integrate perfectly with the bodywork for a neat finish. At the front, the roof frame extends to form a visor that acts as a sunshade, emphasising the leisure aspect of the "My Ami Buggy". The door closing system is identical to the previous version, but the brand has changed the shape towards a design reminiscent of the door sill capsules of other versions of the Ami, emphasising that "My Ami Buggy" belongs to the rest of the range.

Finally, Citroën has modified the handset, which is still located on the steering column cover, which now has a new curved cap to give it a retro feel. This version 2 of My Ami Buggy will be sold in 9 countries and limited to 1,000 units, the sale will take place on the site dedicated to Citroën Ami from 20 June at 10 am, the price of this version is fixed at 10,490 euros (price France), it includes the portable speaker "Ultimate Ears Boom", but also derived products from the "My Ami Buggy" line, including an Ice-Watch and two other accessories, a comb and a bob.

In conclusion, Citroën has gone further with this second series than with the first version, incorporating even more elements seen on the concept, such as the bag on the steering wheel or the visor on the roof. this second series does not include the more comfortable seats that fitted the concept. There is no doubt that these 1,000 units will be quickly gone, as the My Ami Bugy is a real pleasure to drive, especially with the tarpaulins, making it even more versatile and even closer to the spirit of the Méhari, 55 years after its launch.


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