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Citroën makes major changes to its range in France

La gamme de Citroën vue de face avant

Citroën is in the process of simplifying its paintwork, making it easier to read and improving the industrial process to increase quality and speed. A few days after unveiling the new names for its paintwork, Citroën is revealing the changes that will affect the entire range and which, as you will see, are quite significant.


Formerly known as You!, C-series and Shine, the range is now called You, Plus and Max, with a slight reduction in price for You (-€100) and a slight increase for Max (+€100).

Note that the special ELLE range is still available, as the brand wishes to offer three finishes to which a special finish is added, in this case ELLE for the C3. The latter sees an increase of €550, offset by additional equipment such as Keyless Start or the Safety Pack 2.

The C3 has undergone some changes in terms of personalisation with the addition of the Opal White colour for the two-tone roof and the return of the Spring Blue colour introduced during the restyling. On the other hand, the Anodised Bronze package has been discontinued.

Prices for the C3 range from €16,590 to €24,750 for the petrol version and from €19,540 to €24,500 for the diesel version. The ELLE version costs €24,750 or €26,150 depending on the gearbox.

C3 Aircross:

The brand's urban SUV is the model that changes the least in these modifications. Essentially, the You version is €100 more expensive, while the Max version is €100 less. The black mirror shells go from You to Plus and the Opal White two-tone roof is removed. Note that the two-tone roof option drops by €100.

Prices for the C3 Aircross range from €24,400 to €30,150 for the petrol version and from €25,950 to €29,200 for the diesel version.

C4 and C4X

These are undoubtedly the models that have evolved the most, and not always in the right direction. Prices for the You version drop by 200 euro, while the Plus and Max versions remain the same. Note that the 156 hp electric motor is now available on all versions of the range.

On the You version, the C4 is now equipped with halogen headlights instead of LED headlights, but these are still available as standard on the electric versions. However, the instrument cluster is now in colour rather than LCD and Alcantara Grey is available as an option for €400.

Prices for the C4 range from €27,250 to €33,750 for petrol engines and from €33,500 to €35,550 for diesel engines, while the electric versions are positioned as follows:

C4 You 136: €35,990

C4 You 156: €42,600

C4 Plus 136: €42,050

C4 Plus 156: €43,050

C4 Max 136: €44,100

ëC4 Max 156: €45,100

There are other equipment reductions on the C4, sometimes quite minor (replacing the LEDs in the interior with bulbs for example), but Citroën automatically offers them on the electric versions. Note that the ë-series versions cost €44,000 for the 136 hp engine and €45,000 for the 156 hp engine. The C4

C5 Aircross:

The You trim becomes the first trim in the catalogue to replace the Feel on the brand's large SUV, with a consequent price drop of €200. The new 136 hybrid version is €4,500 more expensive than the PureTech 130 engine, but benefits from additional equipment, namely keyless start, electric folding mirrors, front parking aid and acoustic front and rear windows.

Note that the standard upholstery is new and is now called Silica Grey and is made of fabric.

Prices for the C5 Aircross range from €33,300 to €41,650 for the petrol engine, from €40,150 to €41,950 for the diesel engine and from €44,500 to €51,200 for the plug-in hybrid. The C5 Aircross ë-series is priced from €43,650 for the 136 Puretech and from €51,300 to €53,200 for the plug-in hybrid versions.


The brand's large saloon remains unchanged in terms of price and the You version mixes the equipment of the previous Feel and Feel Pack versions. The novelty consists in the arrival of a new Eclipse Blue to replace the Magnetic Blue, while the Metropolitan Blue ambience is removed.

Finally, the new C5 X Hypnos is priced at €58,400.

In conclusion, the new versions bring a number of changes to the brand's models, particularly the C4 and C4 X, with some curious choices made by Citroën. The fact remains that the brand seems to want to encourage its customers to choose electric or hybrid engines, all of which are better equipped than the equivalent thermal versions. With these new prices, Citroën is clearly showing that it will not be a low-cost brand, even if there was no doubt about that for a long time, but will this strategy allow it to move forward? It is reasonable to doubt it, since the tendency is to go for the cheapest possible, not the least equipped for a similar price. Moreover, Peugeot is lowering the price of its electric 308, which is only €1,300 more expensive than the C4... The detailed prices and equipment of each model can be found on the "Current Range" page of the website.

To download the new prices, click on the line below:

septembre 2023 - tarifs france
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