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Citroën launches the Berlingo electric van in Chile

Citroën Berlingo Van Electric launched in Chile, here in white colour

Citroën is committed to the energy transition, with a commercial vehicle range that already has a 100% electric engine, but also with a passenger car range that will offer electric or hybrid engines on all models in a few months' time. . If the brand has already started the transition in Europe, it is now doing the same in Chile with the launch of the Berlingo electric van.

In 2017, Citroën had already launched the previous generation Citroën Berlingo with an electric motor with a limited range of only 170 km at the time. With this new generation, powered by the ë-C4 engine and a 50 kWh battery, the autonomy of the Berlingo Van Electric increases to 285 km and even more than 400 km for urban use only, according to data provided by Citroën in Chile.

With this second generation of the Berlingo Electric, Citroën is focusing on the 5 Zeros: zero emissions, zero noise, zero vibration, zero sacrifice and zero stress at the wheel, a communication strategy already used by the brand in Spain when marketing the C4 in its 100% electric version. The Berlingo Van Electric is only available with a 4m40 short body, with no aesthetic changes compared to the thermal versions as in Europe, and is offered with the Extenso cabin, i.e. with 3 seats in the front, allowing to maximise the loading length, increased to 3m05 thanks to the folding passenger seat.

This second generation Berlingo Van Electric enters the Chilean market at a price of $32,990,000 (€38,000), to which VAT must be added. This is a significant sum, which Citroën hopes to reduce by pointing out that the maintenance costs of the Berlingo Van Electric are 30% lower than those of the thermal versions. With the launch of the Berlingo Van Electric in Chile, Citroën is demonstrating its intention to begin its energy transition not only in Europe, but all over the world, as a first step before the arrival of the VP versions planned for the coming years.


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