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Citroën launches Drive All Electric in Italy

The electric Citroën C4 in a white color with black roof

Citroën is taking advantage of European Mobility Week to launch its Citroën Drive All Electric programme in Italy, which aims to make electric vehicles accessible to everyone, in line with the brand's positioning.

European Mobility Week, the European Commission's annual awareness-raising initiative on sustainable urban mobility, is playing an important role for Citroën this year, leading to the creation of a wide range of activities and events around electric mobility.

This year, the main theme of the campaign is "Saving Energy", an invitation to reflect on the central issue of energy consumption and, in particular, the leading role played by urban mobility in the exponential growth of this consumption and its environmental costs. The choice of sustainable mobility plays a leading role in improving the quality of urban life and therefore in achieving the goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as stated in the European Green Deal.

Citroën is part of this scenario in a natural and coherent way, with the "Citroën Drive All Electric" project, consolidating its constant commitment to the energy transition process. Since 2022, the brand has electrified many Italian islands, including Carloforte, La Maddalena and the island of Ponza, by supplying fleets of electric vehicles with the aim of spreading the culture of respect for the environment and preserving cultural and natural heritage. This project has been made possible thanks to the brand's electric range, from the Ami to the ë-Spacetourer.

Alessandro Musumeci, Marketing Director of Citroën Italia, said: "This initiative fits perfectly into Citroën's overall strategic vision and makes a significant contribution to our commitment to electrification. We are moving forward in this direction with great determination to pave the way for a better future, also thanks to the wide range of electric solutions offered by Citroën, perfectly adapted to the sustainability needs of cities. With the Citroën Ëasy Go offer, we promise to finally make electric driving accessible to everyone by offering the Ë-C4 for €199 per month, including the home charging solution. The offer is extremely flexible, allowing you to exchange, swap or return the car after 3 years, so you can experience electric driving with complete peace of mind.

A challenge of this magnitude requires a strong collective effort. That is why Citroën intends to take advantage of this European initiative to explain to all potential customers the problems associated with environmental pollution and the solutions available, involving the Group's entire dealer network to share the values of European Mobility Week through activities and local events on the opening day, 16 September. From 4 pm, the Citroën network will come to life with meetings and workshops on its premises to present sustainable mobility concepts and the innovative CITROËN ËASY GO rental offer for the ë-C4 and ë-C4X, aimed at private and professional customers. This moment of sharing will be an opportunity to discuss and promote the brand's electric vehicles, highlighting the advantages of a carefree electric driving experience, accessible to all thanks to a financial plan that includes home charging. At the end of the meeting, an "electric caravan" will make its way through the most emblematic places of the participating cities, in a moment of celebration that represents the beginning of a better future for the Italian urban landscape, a sustainable electric future for everyone.

All participants in the initiative will be able to test the electrified models at the dealership, in addition to receiving information from the workshop, and take part in a competition to win a free 6-month loan of the Citroën Ami.

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