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Citroën launches a new Go GO Berlingo campaign in Japan

The Citroën Berlingo is the brand's best-selling vehicle in Japan

The Berlingo is Citroën's star vehicle in Japan, where it accounts for nearly 50% of the brand's sales, which rightly does a lot around its MPV. Thus, after having launched the first Go go Berlingo campaign in March and then a second in April, both crowned with success, Citroën is launching the third campaign to promote the new Berlingo with a particular focus on France.

This third Go Go Berlingo campaign aims, like the two previous ones, to make the Berlingo better known to Japanese consumers and to strengthen the links between customers and the Berlingo. This third edition therefore takes over from the other two which have met with great success, especially since the Berlingo has, since the beginning of the year, received many new features in Japan such as the 7-seater version, diesel engines as well as special series.

The third edition of Go Go Berlingo will take place from June 10 to July 17 and has been placed under the sign of France since the French national holiday is fast approaching, which is an opportunity for Citroën to play on the French way of life that is very popular with Japanese consumers. To do this, the brand is doing things big since it is organizing a competition with, first prize, a stay of 3 nights and 5 days in France in Paris for a family of 4, a very big prize therefore which should generate lively participation. The second prize is a meal at the French Bistro worth 20,000 yen or 130€. Finally, for anyone who goes to a Citroën dealership with a voucher printed on the website dedicated to the campaign (, the brand offers a 3-inch miniature of the Citroën 2CV , in its cocorico version sporting the colors of the French flag.

Citroën is determined to put more light on the Berlingo, which generates the bulk of its sales in Japan. These Go Go Berlingo campaigns make it possible to discover the brand's MPV and have both worked well, so it is logical that Citroën is offering a third, this time centered on France, what better way to reaffirm its French origin, which is very popular with the Japanese, while offering consumers the possibility of a nice gift.

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