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Citroën launches a more accessible Berlingo in Japan

The Citroën Berlingo in Feel version which has just been presented in Japan

The Berlingo is Citroën's star vehicle in Japan, where it accounts for half of the brand's sales. Aware that it has an important vehicle, Citroën has been developing the range to the maximum since the beginning of the year, when production was freed from component shortages. In Japan, Citroën is launching a more accessible version of the Berlingo, offering more space at a more affordable price.

After the 7-seater versions and the two special editions, Citroën is now offering a Berlingo with a new finish called Feel Pack, which allows the brand to offer an entry-level version that is cheaper than the previous versions. .

The Feel Pack finish is reserved for the 5-seater version of the Berlingo and will go on sale in Japan at the end of the month. This new Feel Pack version, which is below the Shine version, removes the alloy wheels, the glass roof and the storage compartment in the roof of the Berlingo, making it a little more liveable, as the removal of the storage compartment increases the roof protection.

It is therefore an entry-level version that relies on a low price and a level of equipment that is not too low to appeal to Japanese families looking for a compact but spacious, modular, very versatile and accessible 5-seater. . Priced from 4,130,000 yen or around €26,250, this Feel Pack version is available in just two colours: White or Platinum Grey.

Having such a vehicle in the range, which accounts for 50% of the brand's sales, means keeping people interested, which is why Citroën has been working hard since the beginning of the year to continuously improve the Berlingo range in Japan. Production capacity, which is improving as a result of the reduction in component shortages, is also enabling the brand to strengthen the Berlingo range in order to further develop its sales.

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