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Citroën Jumpy redesigned: another surprise in the test

The restyled Citroën Jumpy surprised testers with its camouflaged front.

After the first photos appeared on the web at the end of April, new photos of the redesigned Citroën Jumpy/Spacetourer have been published, allowing us to see more details of this updated version, which should be unveiled soon, as well as perhaps a big surprise.

This new restyled version of the Citroën Jumpy/Spacetourer has a completely new look, with new headlamps that appear to be elongated and rise up towards the grille, unlike the current headlamps which are very rectangular. It's a safe bet that the grille will be black, as announced on the illustration of the future Berlingo and C3 and which should sign the front of future Citroëns, confirming the information given by Passionnément Citroën. Of course, the new logo of the brand will be included, which means that this restyled version of the Jumpy/Spacetourer will be presented after the future C3 which will inaugurate it for Citroën and which will be presented on 17 October.

On this very camouflaged front, it is therefore difficult to know exactly how much Citroën has changed on its large minivan. It could be that the lower part of the badge is identical to the current version, as the lower grille and the ventilation grille in these photos have a very similar design to the current version.

However, this new series of photos also allows us to see what could be a surprise, since it seems that the version being tested is a plug-in hybrid, even if nothing can confirm this at this stage, since if we notice a fuel hatch in addition to the electric charging hatch located on the wing, these two hatches are currently present on the ë-Jumpy or ë-Spacetourer. However, there is one element that could suggest that this is a plug-in hybrid version, as the electric versions of the Jumpy and Spacetourer have a closed low grille with a herringbone pattern, a low grille that is open here and that could perhaps help to cool the engine, suggesting that there is a heat engine under the bonnet.

This series of photos therefore confirms the imminent arrival of the restyling for the Jumpy/Spacetourer, whose marketing began in 2016, 7 years ago now. This next restyled Jumpy should therefore review a good part of its front end and undergo profound changes with brand new headlights, a new grille and the new Citroën logo which, as we expected, will have a busy second half with the future C3. which will launch the ball for a year 2024 which promises to be rich in novelties.

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