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Citroën: January 2024 open days, now is the time to get a good deal

La Citroën C4 vue de trois quart arrière dans une teinte rouge toit noir

Over the past year, Citroën has regained its combativeness and increased the number of exceptional offers during open days, which has enabled it to regain a foothold in the private sales niche. These offers allow the brand to make its cars accessible to as many people as possible by being very competitive, particularly with the C3 at €99/month or the C4 electric at €199/month. The open days this January are no exception and Citroën is particularly aggressive.

For these next Open Days, which will be held from 12 to 15 January 2024, Citroën is therefore going to be even more aggressive, hoping to continue the good results of the last Open Days in France and to recover the trend in terms of registrations. The least we can say is that Citroën has put in place the means to offer simply fantastic deals across its entire range.

This starts with the C3, which since June has been available from €99/month in the You version, an offer which has been very successful since its launch and which has naturally been renewed and even strengthened for this month of January, as the C3 You is exceptionally priced from €89/month, a reduction of €10/month, which should attract dealer traffic and therefore orders.

The C3 Aircross is also highlighted with a now familiar offer that makes it accessible from €139/month in the You version, an offer that is renewed without change for these Open Days in January 2024.

In addition to the C3 and C3 Aircross, the brand is also offering very interesting deals on the entire range, with more than generous discounts. We find

  • The C4 with a discount of up to €6,300 and still available from €199/month in electric and thermal versions.

  • The C4 X with a discount of up to €6,000 and available from €229/month in electric and thermal.

  • The C5 Aircross with discounts of up to €7,000 and even €8,000 on certain models

  • The C5 X with discounts of up to €6,200

Citroën is therefore particularly aggressive for these first Open Days of the year in France, hoping to continue the good results in terms of orders obtained during the last similar events. These first Open Days of 2024 also have the objective of triggering the start of the brand's recovery, which hopes to forget a difficult 2023 and move forward in 2024, in any case giving itself the means to do so.

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