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Citroën is committed to the fight against global warming in Ireland

Citroën is committed against global warming in Ireland

Global warming and environmental issues are an integral part of Citroën's reflections on its future vehicles, which the brand has materialized with the oli concept, which aims to be responsible, sustainable and efficient. This commitment against global warming took place with the creation of a garden that Citroën presented in Ireland.

Since its creation in 1919, Citroën has always relied on innovation to provide comfort and well-being on board its cars. Today, this spirit of innovation must be harnessed to meet the great challenge of our time. While most car manufacturers still talk about size, functionality, speed, equipment, Citroën thinks we should be talking about recycled materials, family happiness, innovation, lightness and respect for people and nature. planet. The right car for your needs, the right balance between size, weight and range. In this, the concept car oli is the perfect illustration.

With the Power of One garden, Citroën transposes its values of innovation and well-being outside the automobile.


Citroën's 'Power Of One' show garden aims to neutralize the effects of climate change and features subtle and understated references to Citroën's rich design history of innovative thinking. Citroën's philosophy of well-being for people and the planet is summed up by demonstrating the ideas of water management and how the choice of the car or the design of the "Power Of One" garden, however small , can make a real difference. We all have a duty.

With this Power of One garden, Citroën has sought to fight against:

  • Air pollution

The roof is vegetated via biodiverse grass which provides food and habitat for wildlife and contributes positively to air quality. Water misters hidden in the pergola act as a "scrubber" that removes larger particles of diesel pollutants from the air.

  • Noise pollution

The water located in the garden offers a noise that erases the noise of the circulation in particular via waterspouts of different heights which create a sound at variable frequencies.

  • Surface runoff

Rainwater and runoff are captured and stored in 2 storage basins.

  • Spirit of community

Also designed to take advantage of rest periods, the garden uses old Citroën 2Cv seats from the 1950s to provide visitors with a space to rest.

2cv seats, an Ami, the brand logo on the floor, everywhere Citroën is present in this garden

This garden was awarded at the Bord Bia Bloom festival in Ireland a gold medal and the prize for the best medium-sized garden in the category.

Trevor Hunt, Marketing Manager, Citroën Ireland, said: “We are delighted that the Citroën Power of One Show Garden has been awarded a gold medal and the best mid-size garden in its class. We would like to thank Nicola Haines for her hard work and dedication in bringing this incredible garden to life. We hope it's a message about how the power of one person can change the way we deal with our pollution.

Here is an original idea to convey Citroën's values and commitment to combating climate change with, as a result, a well-deserved reward for this garden which combines innovation and well-being which are at the heart of heart of the brand's DNA for a long time.

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