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Citroën has an exceptional month in Greece and places the C4 X at the gates of the top 10

The Citroën C4 x side view in white colour

Citroën's performance in Turkey in June was excellent, but the brand also recorded very good sales in Greece, where it placed the C4 X in the top 10. Sales for the first half of the year are also good, with very strong growth, which puts the brand in a good position in the sales rankings.

With 13,394 units sold in June, the Greek car market is up 20.8% on the same period last year and in line with the European market. During the month, Citroën recorded the strongest growth with an increase of 447.5% to 969 units, representing a market share of 7.23% and putting it in fourth place in terms of sales. The C4 X, which showed an astonishing performance and became the brand's best-selling product.

In fact, the brand's new family saloon sold 275 units in June, making it the eleventh best-selling model and the first Citroën to be sold in Greece in June. It was followed by the C3 (275 units, up 150%) and then the C3 Aircross (215 units, up 169%).

In the first half of the year, the Greek car market continued to perform well, recording an increase of 28.4% to 70,362 units, in which Citroën sales were once again excellent, with one of the strongest growth rates in the market. With 5,092 units sold, the brand's sales rose by 136.5%, putting it in 5th place in terms of sales, with each of its models performing very well.

Citroën's best-selling model is the C3, with 2,746 units sold (+69.4%), well ahead of the C3 Aircross, with 1,059 units sold (+488.3%), a sign that the disruptions caused by production and logistics problems have hit Spanish production particularly hard, as the C4 also recorded a very significant increase in sales. The June figure was very high, but the performance in the first half of the year was just as strong, as the Citroën compact sedan increased its sales by 227.7% to 603 units, overtaking the Peugeot 308 in the first half of the year. Finally, the latest addition to the range, the C4 X, sold 431 units in the first half of the year, a large proportion of which were sold in June, probably as a result of strong orders from taxi companies.

To sum up, there is certainly some catching up to do to make up for the delay recorded in 2022, linked to the difficulties experienced by the automobile industry, but Citroën is very clearly outperforming the market in Greece, even if all the brands in the Stellantis group are showing strong growth. Thanks to its performance, Citroën has entered the top 5 in terms of sales in the first half of the year, a position it hopes to maintain throughout the year thanks to an easier second half in terms of production and deliveries.

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