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Citroën: great success for the brand in Poland

The Citroën C4X in profile

Sales of the entire Citroën passenger car range on the Polish market were spectacular in April 2024, with 439 units sold, doubling the brand's sales compared to April last year. Since the beginning of the year, Citroën has registered 3,183 cars on the Polish market, an increase of 60% compared to the same period in 2023.

The C3: pillar of success

At the heart of this success is the Citroën C3, which in the first quarter already accounted for almost half of Citroën's total sales in Poland with 1,531 units sold, an impressive increase of 151%. In April alone, sales of the C3 increased almost tenfold compared to the same month last year. This performance makes the C3 the most popular urban model among Polish customers, with an average of 12 units sold every day since the beginning of the year.

The C3 is followed by the C4 and C4 X, which continue to appeal to Polish customers. The C4 has attracted 709 customers since the beginning of the year, an increase of 169% compared to 2023. As for the first months of the C4.

In total, the brand sold 439 units in Poland, an increase of 107% compared to last year. From January to the end of April, sales rose by 42%, and by 60% for the touring models.

In conclusion, Citroën is having an exceptional year in Poland, driven by the success of the C3, C4 and C4 X models, which have been performing excellently since the beginning of the year. These results should continue in the coming months with the arrival of the new C3 and the new C3 Aircross, which will allow the brand to offer a new generation of B-segment cars that retain the style and comfort that the brand is known for, but are more accessible.

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