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Citroën extends the marketing of its ë-series collection to France and Europe

La nouvelle collection ë-series de Citroën

First launched in the UK and Germany before the summer, the new ë-series collection specifically for Citroëns with an electric or hybrid drive (excluding the C5 X) has now been extended and is being launched in France. This new collection exudes serenity with an interior that enhances its warm and welcoming appearance thanks to light-coloured upholstery.

Distinctive exterior styling

This new ë-series collection follows on from the C-series collection, which has been available for several months. Unlike the latter, this new collection concerns only the brand's electrified vehicles (with the exception of the C5 interior).

The three models that make up the collection have a pearl white body, contrasted with black elements such as the roof and wheels. This new collection generalises the two-tone black roof that appears on the C4. The black roof is complemented by black wheels, also 18 inches on the C4 and C4 X and 19 inches on the C5 Aircross. This combination of pearl white body colour and black graphics is the signature of this ë-Series collection, but the customer can also choose other colours available in the range, always combined with black graphics.

A clear interior at last

Inside, the Citroën ë-series will offer its customers a very cosy and comfortable interior, where they will finally be able to enjoy a light cabin with Alcantara seats. In line with Citroën's commitment to the environment, this Alcantara is unique in that 68% of its outer surface is made from recycled fibres.

This choice of materials, both light and warm, aims to provide a brighter interior harmony, creating a more zen and calming atmosphere, while reinforcing the feeling of space on board. Entering an ë-Series is like chasing away grey thoughts and relaxing in a cocoon of comfort.

This light shade is applied by playing with tone-on-tone contrasts to create a very graphic interior atmosphere. The light grey of the seat, backrest and side panels is complemented by a medium grey on the nose of the seat, the contours, the top of the backrest and the headrests. A medium grey that also appears on the medallions of the C4 and C4 X and on the door armrests of the C5 Aircross. On the C4 and C4 X, the door crosses are finished in white to match the strip at the top of the backrest. This colour scheme is repeated at the front and rear. This very horizontal structure of the seats, which continues into the door panels, helps to reinforce the feeling of spaciousness in the cabin and gives the interior a great sense of unity.

An interior that pays attention to every detail to enhance the passenger experience. This is the case, for example, with the design of the seats, which emphasise the "capsules" characteristic of the Citroën style, graphically marking the seats and visually reinforcing the notion of comfort. Or through the fabric strip at the top of the seat, which uses chevron patterns to emphasise the horizontality and structure of the cabin. Finally, there are the "ë" labels on the inside of the front seats, identifying the "ë" series on board each model.

For customers who prefer a more dynamic and darker interior, the ë-Series is also available with Alcantara® seats in the dark harmony already available in the range.

In conclusion, this new ë-series collection allows the brand's electrified models to benefit from a more advantageous finish in terms of both style and comfort, two strong elements of Citroën's DNA. This new collection will be added to the range alongside the three new You, Plus and Max versions, which were recently launched with a different, differentiated offer that should be a big winner for customers in terms of price.

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