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Citroën continues its growth outside Europe in September

The Citroën Berlingo seen from the front

In a previous article, I spoke to you about Citroën's sales in Europe, which should show a strong increase for the month of September, but the brand has also had great success outside Europe.

Europe, contributing to the development of its international sales, a priority for the brand.

As you know, Citroën's objective is to become less dependent on the European automobile market in order to achieve sustainable growth, but above all because the European market has matured and is no longer growing strongly or is even in danger of declining. In order to continue to develop, the brand has no choice but to strengthen itself in other regions of the world where growth is still possible, thus ensuring its future.

In September, the herringbone brand performed well outside Europe, confirming the resumption of deliveries and a strong product range.


The news for Citroën in Japan has been busy with several special series around the Berlingo or the introduction of new engines. Citroën is thus strengthening its presence in Japan and is beginning to achieve satisfactory results. In September, the Japanese market grew by 10.7% to 437,493 units, a market in which Citroën's sales fared better, increasing by 50.6% to 509 units, putting it in 25th place among brands in a very specific market where Japanese brands monopolise the top positions.

Over the year as a whole, Citroën also outperformed the market, with sales up 19.9% to 4,148 units, and remained in 25th place in terms of sales. Citroën is the French brand making the most progress in Japan, just behind its two compatriots, Peugeot and Renault.


South America is a strategic region for Citroën, on which the brand intends to rely heavily to develop its international sales. By manufacturing the majority of its models in Brazil, the brand also ensures that it offers products adapted to local consumers in the various markets of this vast region; the C3 and the new C3 Aircross are a good example of this.

This strategy is bearing fruit as the brand recorded excellent results in Chile in September, with an exceptional increase of 112.2% to 940 units, giving it a market share of 3.7% and placing it in the top 10 in terms of sales. This increase was driven by the new C3 (344 units) and Berlingo (334 units).


Citroën is also taking full advantage of the new C3 to grow very strongly on the Uruguayan market, where the brand is recording exceptional performances. At the end of August, the Uruguayan car market grew by 21%, the fourth consecutive month of growth, to 5,046 units, and by 7.4% since the beginning of the year to 35,922 units.

In this market, Citroën grew by 149.4% to 2,140 units, moving up two places to take eighth place, ahead of Nissan and Toyota.


The Turkish automotive market is another strategic market for achieving Citroën's objectives, and the brand has had excellent performances there since the beginning of the year, allowing it to outperform the market as a whole in the first half of 2022 alone. And this trend continued in September: with sales up 41.7% to 3,950 units and a market share of 4.1%, Citroën is slightly underperforming the market, which grew by 55.9% to 96,793 units in September.

However, over the year as a whole, Citroën's sales are well ahead of the market, with sales up 141.4% to 44,926 units, giving it a market share of 5.3% and placing it in 7th place in terms of sales, up three places compared to last year. Since the beginning of the year, the Turkish car market has grown by 63.7% to 852,075 units.

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