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Citroën chooses BigFlo and Oli as brand ambassadors

The rapper duo BigFlo and Oli in front of a Citroën Ami

When Citroën presented the Oli concept in September 2022, the rap duo BigFlo and Oli challenged the brand on Twitter, which did not hesitate to organise a meeting between the brand's latest concept and the Toulouse group. Since then, this collaboration has become a real partnership, with BigFlo and Oli becoming Citroën ambassadors in France and abroad, with big things in store.

The French rap group BigFlo and Oli will therefore become Citroën's ambassadors in France and abroad, a partnership that will extend to the duo's tour and the 2023 edition of the Rose Festival in Toulouse, which was created on their initiative.

Talented, BigFlo and Oli have won 8 NRJ Music Awards and 3 Victoires de la Musique in just 3 years of their career. The duo, made up of brothers Florian and Olivio Ordonez, embodies the values of sharing and solidarity dear to Citroën, a brand that wants to be popular and close to its customers. The meeting between Citroën and the duo took place in October 2022 on the occasion of the presentation of the Citroën OLI [All-ë] concept. A question from the group on Twitter about the name of the concept led to a conversation between the brand and the singers on social networks. Then came the idea of a meeting with the public and the creation of exclusive content entitled BigFlo and Oli meet OLI, in which the group shared their relationship with mobility and ecology during a walk in Paris. The success of this meeting, and the contact with the group's fans, led to the idea of going even further, to think about a collaboration between the duo and Citroën, an association between the worlds of music and electric mobility. And what could be better for Oli, who has not yet passed his driving test, than a Citroën Ami?

Laurent Barria, Marketing and Communication Director, Citroën: "Citroën, a popular and daring brand, is particularly present in the world of BigFlo and Oli, recently voted the favourite personalities of the French. This partnership is therefore a natural fit. We are really happy to start our association with BigFlo and Oli and to meet a new audience thanks to their energy and their colourful universe. Their work with our Citroën OLI concept was highly appreciated and we are convinced that this partnership is the start of a great adventure between us".

The partnership between Citroën and BigFlo et Oli will be multi-faceted, with Citroën becoming the official partner for the 30 dates of "Le Grand Tour" and the duo collaborating with the brand on numerous creations and events.

BigFlo and Oli say: "I'm delighted that Citroën will be with us for the next two years! A French brand with a human team that we have enjoyed getting to know! Let's embark on a great adventure together!


Created last year by BigFlo and Oli, the Rose Festival will take place this year from 1st to 3rd September at the MEETT in Toulouse. The festival was made possible thanks to the unprecedented collaboration of three leading Toulouse players: Bleu Citron, leader in the production of Grand Sud-Ouest shows, Golden Child, label of BigFlo and Oli, and the group La Dépêche noon. The festival is organised by the SAS ROSE for the artistic side and the ROSE association for the social side. This association is in charge of the meetings, the exchanges, the cultural activities, the accompaniment of the public and the young artists.

The 1st edition of the Rose Festival welcomed renowned artists such as BigFlo and Oli, IAM, Damso, Laylow, Ben Mazué in front of an audience of 50,000 people. In 2023, the biggest talents such as M, Angèle, Petit Biscuit, Disiz, Worakls, etc. will be present.

In 2023, Citroën will be the official partner of the Rose Festival and will provide a fleet of 10 vehicles to transport artists and partners during the festival.

Citroën has already collaborated with the BigFlo and Oli labels during AmiFest on the occasion of Ami's 3rd anniversary, with a mini-concert featuring artists from the Toulouse rappers' label. This new collaboration will allow the brand to further rejuvenate its image, to reach young people but also to create links between generations. A nice boost for the brand with this partnership, which should have its first effects on the future C3.

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