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Citroën C5 X: a special Hypnos range

Three-quarter front view of the Citroën C5 X Hypnos

Citroën is in the news this autumn because, after presenting its new range of finishes and announcing the launch of the ë-Series, the brand is now announcing a special series dedicated to its large saloon, the C5 Special Series, which tops the C5 X range with a high-end offer aimed at style, comfort and serenity.

Hypnos is not an unknown name for Citroën, as it is the name given by the brand to a concept presented at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, a racy diesel-hybrid crossover (!) with a surprisingly colourful interior. Hypnos is also the god of sleep, and Citroën wanted to draw inspiration from him to highlight the ultra-comfort of its large saloon, which in this special series does its best to pamper its passengers and offer them a journey through greater serenity. For Citroën, Hypnos emphasises the desired contrast between the Eclipse Blue body colour and the bright colours of the interior.

Elegant exterior styling

For this special series, Citroën is therefore giving the C5 X the Eclipse Blue colour, which was inaugurated by the C5 Aircross during its restyling and which now joins the C5. This body colour allows you to vary its intensity depending on the light, becoming more elegant when it is reduced and more dynamic when light is present. This colour also brings dynamism to the line of the C5 X, which in this special series is equipped with infrared elements, the brand's new colour. On each side, at the level of the fender and the front door, there is a long, glossy black decoration animated by a longitudinal infrared dot with the Hypnos signature at its centre. Like a luminous feature, this decoration adds a touch of dynamism and character to the car. At the rear, the C5 X monogram is also highlighted by the use of infrared red on the 5.

This subtle variation gives the wheels of this limited series a great deal of character.

A cabin that emphasises clarity

If the body colour tends to be dark, the interior of the C5, like the models in the ë-series collection, extends the new interior ambience to the seats, whose backrest and seat are in light perforated leather with a herringbone pattern, while the side panels are in leather of the same colour, favouring a very structured and horizontal reading of the seats, for a better perception of width and comfort. The upper part of the seats and the headrests are in light grey Alcantara, which is soft and warm to the touch. These armchairs, whose design is enhanced by elegant stitching, are identified on the inside of the backrest by an infrared red label bearing the Hypnos name.

This clear harmony is repeated on the centre armrest, the sides of the centre console and the door panel medallions, which are finished in this light colour combined with a tactile TEP material. The medallions also feature original stitching in a chevron pattern. The interior is also bright and warm, thanks to the use of Karuun® light wood effect finishes, which give the door panels and dashboard a natural and enriching aspect. They also help to create a certain horizontality and reinforce the sense of space on board.

The centre console has a new style in keeping with this clear and bright atmosphere. The glossy black finish has been laser-engraved with stripes in a new Bronze Xenon shade for this range, a colour found on the specific floor mats of this version, highlighting their contours.

The C5 This high-end C5 It is available only in a 225 hp plug-in hybrid version at a price of €58,400, orders opening today (4 September) for deliveries scheduled for the very beginning of 2024. This C5 shows that Citroën is not abandoning its large saloon, which it now offers with an exclusive special series for it, which, if it is inspired by the ë-series collection, stands out for its Eclipse Blue body colour, which, alone possible option, can be replaced by Planinium Grey, but also by the occasional Infrared Red, which makes its first appearance here on a car of the brand. Something tells me we should pay attention to these red elements...

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