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Citroën C4: our estate, coupé and cabrio dreams

A Citroën C4 in station wagon version imagined seen from behind

Since its launch, the Citroën C4 has only been available as a 5-door saloon, joined at the beginning of the year by the C4 X, a 4-door saloon derivative. And while the chevron-shaped compact sedan combines genres to offer a unique style in its segment, the fact remains that the body variants are limited, which has given us ideas to bring to life, at least virtually, a much wider C4 range.

There was a time, not so long ago, when manufacturers offered a wide range of 4- and/or 5-door saloons, station wagons, convertibles and coupés to meet the needs of all customers. These days are over, as manufacturers are confronted with changes in the industry that force them to concentrate on products to sell rather than image products.

If Citroën has remained on the sidelines of this range extension phenomenon with its C4 generations, with the exception of the first release in 2004 which offered a coupé version, the brand retains real legitimacy in the estate and cabriolet models which have long characterised its range. The choices imposed by PSA, then Stellantis, did not make it possible to give life to a C4 station wagon, favouring a more international body with the C4 X. However, nothing prevents us from imagining what a station wagon version could have been, but to go further and build on the excellent basis of the C4.

C4 Wagon:

Une illustration d'une Citroën C4 break vu de trois quart avant

Based on the C4, it even has a small shark fin that connects the rear door to the base of the quarter panel.

C4 X Coupé:

Une illustration d'une Citroën C4 X imaginée en version coupé

It's a fact, the line of the C4. What could be more natural than to create a version that, with a few modifications, gives a very elegant coupé that we would very much like to see in series production. So we removed the rear doors, added the typical Citroën slats to the quarter windows, added a plastic element to the front door in the recess and modified the rear lights, inspired by the latest Oli concept. The result is a beautiful, very elegant C4.

C4 X Cabrio

Une illustration d'une Citroën C4 X imaginée en cabriolet

Logically, a convertible derivative of a C4.

C4 Country

Une illustration de la Citroën C4 imaginée en version Country

The 5-door C4 already mixes the codes of SUVs and saloons with a high driving position, large wheels and increased ground clearance. We wanted to go even further and give the C4 a real SUV look with roof bars, reinforced protection, more imposing shields and even higher ground clearance.

Une illustration d'une Citroën C4 imaginée en version break country

We have also imagined a Country version of the C4 station wagon, which is close enough to be a real SUV. Of course, in order to stimulate the imagination, we propose a modernised front that is not based on the future restyling of the C4, but allows other styles to be tested on the front of the compact saloon with chevrons.

C4 Aero Pack:

One of the characteristic features of the Citroën style at that time was the faired rear wheels, which appeared on many of the brand's cars. This style trend has now come to an end due to the designers' demand for the widest possible rear track, which prevents the use of wheel fairings. We offer you illustrations of the C4 and C4 X, which adopt such a style effect.

Thanks to Laurent for the illustrations of the C4 estate, coupé and cabriolet and for making our dreams come true, even if they remain virtual. No more general manufacturer like Citroën offers an extended range, so we cannot blame the brand for not offering it and the choice of a 4-door version instead of an estate corresponds to a choice of a more favourable international offer for the 4-door than for the estate, very European in reality.

Thanks also to Nicolas for providing us with these two pictures of a C4 equipped with what he calls the "Aero Pack", which reproduces the effect of the painted wheels, once so dear to Citroën design.

You can find all the images in the gallery below and do not hesitate to tell us what you think, what you would have liked to see:

In conclusion, we will have to be content with the 4-door and 5-door versions of the Citroën C4, as the trend among car manufacturers is not towards extended ranges but, on the contrary, towards reduced ranges in order to limit investments. Nevertheless, these pictures show our dreams of an extended range on the C4, whose style seems to correspond to all possible craziness.

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