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Citroën C4 and C4 X electric 156 reduce price by €5,000 in France

The electric Citroën C4X rear three-quarter view

Citroën struck a blow with the new C3 thanks to its very well positioned price, but the brand had already done well with the electric C4, whose price was under €30,000 bonus deducted for the 136 version. Today, Citroën is making electric driving even more accessible with the 156 electric version, whose price has also been significantly reduced.

Last April, the brand had significantly lowered the price of the electric C4, bringing it below €30,000 with bonus deducted or even from €199/month in L.O.A. but this offer concerned only the 136 hp version of the electric C4 . Since then, Citroën has offered on its compact sedan and its 4-door sister C4 equipped with a 136 hp engine.

Strong in its desire to make electric cars accessible, Citroën is today announcing a sharp drop in prices for the electric C4 and C4 were before. Thus, the electric C4 156 is now priced from 37,240 € compared to 42,600 € in September, a price reduction of more than 5,000 € which will allow it to attract more customers. For its part, the C4 naturally includes bonuses not deducted from these prices, which means that the C4 and C4

This price reduction on the C4 and C4X electric 156 makes them much more accessible than the equivalent Peugeot 308 as the latter is available from €42,650 excluding bonuses and more affordable than the Renault Mégane available from €33,000 bonus deducted for lower power (130 hp) and lower recharging capacity (85 kW compared to 100 on the Citroën side). Finally, with this price reduction, the C4 and C4X electric 156 will be close to the prices of equivalent petrol engines. On this subject, after having placed the electric C4 136 in L.O.A. at the same price as its thermal version, i.e. from 199€/month, Citroën repeats the operation for the C4X, now placed at the same price in L.O.A. at 229€/month in thermal version or electric (136 hp) with a contribution of 3,500€ for the thermal version and 2,000€ for the electric.

This price reduction makes the 156 hp electric version more accessible, a welcome offer for those who want to benefit from a C4 or C4X equipped with this new engine, which is significantly more efficient with reduced consumption on all types of journeys and a range of over 400 km, a very good level, especially as on the motorway the reduced consumption allows a minimum of 300 km at 125-130 km/h, which is finally a reasonable range. If Citroën offers the C4 and C4X electric 136 at the same price as the thermal version in L.O.A., the brand has not yet announced a rental offer for the 156 versions, but these offers could arrive quickly, making them even more accessible.

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