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Citroën C3: sharp drop in prices in Brazil

The Citroën C3 sees its selling price drop sharply in Brazil in June 2023

Since its launch in September 2022, the Citroën C3 has been one of the most accessible cars on the Brazilian market with, as a result, more than 16,000 units sold and a solid 5th place in its segment since its launch.

To go even further, Citroën is making significant price cuts on the entire C3 range thanks to a program led by the Brazilian government and which aims to support the country's automotive market.

Faced with this new government deal, Citroën is adjusting the prices of the C3 range, which is taking advantage of it to see its price melt. Indeed, the new C3 now starts at 62,990 Reals or €11,950 in the Live version, in the form of direct invoicing for the Individual customer, directly from the dealership. The C3 has not undergone any changes in its equipment in all the versions and, in the Live finish, it is always equipped with electric windows at the front, air conditioning, ESP and traction control with start assistant in side and power steering among others.

The new values that take effect immediately are:

  • C3 1.0 Live: 62,990 Reals or €11,950

  • C3 1.0 Live Pack: 70,990 Reals or €13,450

  • C3 1.0 Feel: 74,990 Reals or €14,200

  • C3 1.6 Feel: 84,990 Reals or €16,100

  • C3 1.6 Automatic Feel Pack: 93,790 Reals or €17,750

With this new price list, the C3 is therefore even more accessible, which should help it do even better in sales and allow Citroën to grab a few positions in the brand rankings. Note the strange policy of Stellantis, once again!, which lowers the selling price of the Peugeot 208, which is nevertheless manufactured in Argentina, to place it at...the same price as the C3, go figure.

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