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Citroën C3: minor changes in Brazil

The Citroën C3 in blue color sold in Brazil

As the small Citroën comes to the end of its first year of sales in Latin America, a year that ends with more than 30,000 units sold, the brand is making very minor changes for the 2024 model without revolutionising the model that has just won another prestigious title in Brazil.

For this new model year, Citroën is equipping the C3 with an electric fuel filler opening. From now on, all the driver has to do is press the door unlock button to open the fuel filler cap without having to use the key. A comfort feature that will be available on all versions.

Another new feature is the interior, where the dashboard now has a new, more refined band in front of the door openings. The latter increases the perception of quality on board and brings even more refinement to the interior of the new C3 and will be supplied as standard on all versions from the Live Pack finish.

The 2024 Citroën C3 in Brazil with its new interior color

The C3 ends this first year with a new award, the fifth since its launch, which places it first in the category of cars up to R$ 75,000 in the Best Buy 2023, promoted by the magazine Four Rodas. The award is characterised by the fact that it takes into account models that are widely available in terms of after-sales service, and rewards models with a competitive cost of ownership. The Best Buy award takes into account the value of the different elements of the car, favouring affordable components, the number of brand dealers, important standard equipment and the value of parts and repairs. The judges assessed around two thousand vehicles to determine the winners in 27 new vehicle categories.

This new title follows on from previous awards (Best National Car by CAR Magazine in November 2022, Best National Car up to 1.2 l by the Brazilian Automotiva Press Association, Best Compact Sedan at the Estadão Mobility Award 2023 or "2023 WORLD URBAN CAR" at the 19th World Urban Car Awards).

With these innovations, Citroën continues to enrich and increase the appeal of the C3, which is already one of the most accessible cars in Brazil. With more than 30,000 units sold since its launch in September 2012, the C3 has received a warm welcome in Brazil, which the brand intends to strengthen with these small new features that help to raise the C3's profile and make it even more competitive in its segment.

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