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Citroën becomes a partner of Citizen Zoo in the UK

The electric Citroën Berlingo in the colours of the Citizen Zoo in the United Kingdom

Citroën puts people at the centre of its development and aims to be a brand that is close to people, respects the environment and fights against global warming. In this context, the brand has just announced a partnership with Citizen Zoo in the United Kingdom, which aims to provide a protected habitat for animal species.

Citroën is therefore announcing a partnership with Citizen Zoo in the UK, which will see Citroën's ë-Berlingo used to support Citizen Zoo's release activities across the UK. Citizen Zoo is a social enterprise dedicated to restoring nature and regenerating the UK so that species and habitats can thrive. They aim to bring people and communities together through their engagement programmes to create a world full of the diversity, beauty and abundance of nature.

Citizen Zoo's all-electric ë-Berlingo will be used to support many of their rewilding projects over the coming months, including the release of beavers in West London and large marsh grasshoppers at various sites in Norfolk, as well as the restoration of Kingston's largest nature reserve. Following the release of water voles into a river in South West London last year, the van will also be essential in transporting vital equipment to monitor the population and further improve their habitat. The partnership will allow Citizen Zoo to travel across the country in support of its zero tailpipe emissions project.

Lucas Ruzo, Chief Executive of Citizen Zoo, said: "We are delighted to be partnering with Citroën and are deeply grateful for their support as they have shown real leadership in their commitment to rewilding and conservation. the transition to the electric car. The ë-Berlingo will help us by providing the mobility we need to move freely around London and beyond to deliver our projects with communities working to restore nature and rebuild our future. "

Greg Taylor, Managing Director of Citroën UK, said: "It is fantastic that we are able to support Citizen Zoo in this partnership with a ë-Berlingo. Citizen Zoo does vital work to restore habitats, reintroduce species and empower people and communities. I can't wait to see ë-Berlingo zero emissions and support the amazing work Citizen Zoo is doing to help wildlife across the country.

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