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Citroën and AG2R: it's over

The Citroën C5 X in the colors of the AG2R Citroën Team cycling team

In 2020, Citroën announced its return to cycling by becoming co-title sponsor with AG2R-La Mondiale to form the AG2R Citroën Team. This commitment to cycling allowed the brand to share the values of the sport and maximise the visibility of its vehicles. After three years of collaboration, Citroën decided to withdraw, but without abandoning cycling altogether.

It had become a habit now to spot the jerseys of the AG2R Citroën team in order to see the Citroën logo and lettering in red on the jerseys but it is a habit that will have to be abandoned since the brand has decided to stop to be co-title sponsor of the AG2R team. Thus, from January 1, 2024, it is Décathlon which will replace Citroën alongside AG2R to form, from now on, Décathlon AG2R La Mondiale which displays great ambitions for the coming years in cycling.

However, if we will no longer see the Citroën logo on the team's jerseys, the brand is not completely withdrawing from cycling since it will continue to provide the assistance vehicles for the Décathlon-AG2R La Mondiale team on all the events which will, however, make it possible to strengthen the visibility of these vehicles on the roadsides, particularly during the Tour de France where millions of French people gather to see the riders pass.

In a context of necessary savings, this partial withdrawal of the AG2R team should not have a major impact on the brand's image, especially as the essential will be maintained, namely the visibility of the vehicles that will support the team at all the annual tests. Although we will no longer see the brand name on the jerseys, we will still be able to see the C4, C5 Aircross and C5 X on the roadside in the new colours of the Decathlon-AG2R La Mondiale team.


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