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Citroën Ami: sales leader in its segment in France

The Citroën Ami seen in profile with its new Pop 2024 version

Since its launch in 2020, the Citroën Ami has been a real success both in France and abroad, including Italy and Turkey. This success has been sustained over time and continues to grow, with the Ami becoming the best-selling car in its segment in France since the beginning of the year.

The quadricycle segment includes all engines, thermal and electric, even if the latter do not represent the majority of sales. Citroën was almost the first brand to offer a 100% electric range in this segment, and it did so at very reasonable prices, much lower than its thermal competitors.

This is one of the reasons for the success of the Ami, as it is particularly accessible, both in terms of purchase price (€7,000 bonus deducted) and monthly rent (€20/month with deposit). It is therefore not surprising that the Citroën Ami has become the leader in sales of electric motors in its segment with a remarkable hegemony, since the competition was particularly weak. Although competition has increased since then, the Ami still dominates the electric quadricycle market, with a market share of 75% in the first ten months of the year in France. .

But Citroën is doing even better, with the Ami leading the segment in sales of all engines, which has not always been the case. With 7,390 units sold since 1 January, the Citroën Ami has a market share of 75% for electric engines and 31.6% for all engines combined. Since June, Citroën Ami has been the leader in sales of four-wheel drive vehicles every month, and at the end of October it was the leader for the first time since the beginning of the year. The brand intends to maintain its advantage over the last two months to allow Ami to be the leader for the year 2023 with a sales target of more than 9,000 units for a market that should be around 26,000, which, seemingly nothing, is a doubling since 2019.

In conclusion, ridiculed at its launch, launched without really knowing how it was going to happen, the Citroën Ami has surprised its world with undeniable success since the first days of its marketing. In addition to its price, the Ami is very compact, so it can be parked anywhere, its battery can be recharged using a standard household socket, and it does not require any major installation work, all in just three hours. In short, Ami still has very good qualities, which will allow Citroën to remain calm over the next few months, especially as the brand is not going to sleep and has just launched a new Pop version that reinforces Ami's personality.

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