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Citroën AMI: look back at the celebration of its three years

The Citroën ami tonic on the occasion of the first amifest organized for the three years of AMI

After 3 years of career and more than 35,000 units sold, including 20,000 in France, Citroën is celebrating Ami's birthday with the first AmiFest organized this Saturday, June 3, 2023 in Tourcoing, in the North of France, region the small chip has sold the most in our country. This first AmiFest was also an opportunity to discover, for the first time, the second version of Ami Buggy which will be sold in a few days.

Organized on the Chaufferie site in Tourcoing, this first Ami Fest was therefore an opportunity for Citroën to celebrate Ami's third anniversary and meet its customers, after a difficult sanitary period which prevented the organization of such an event.

For this first anniversary celebration, Citroën therefore did things on a grand scale, notably with the organization of a concert by three artists from the Bonne Étoile label of BifFlo and Oli: Olympe Chabert, LauCarré and Tioma. Similarly, Citroën allowed owners of Amis, who would have come with them to the event, to receive a special sticker installed on the door capsule as well as the distribution of a special sticker "45 km/h three years" planned for be distributed in 500 copies.

Above all, this first friend fest was an opportunity for the Brand to publicly present the second version of its recently presented buggy, of which 1,000 units, including 300 for France, will be on sale on June 20.

This new version of My Ami Buggy could therefore be scrutinized for the very first time, which made it possible to realize the differences between the first version limited to 50 units and this second version responsible for doing much more and sold in ten countries.

The first thing that jumps to the eye is common to both the original concept and the first version, is that this look of Buggy goes very well to Ami who, obviously, lends itself very well to the game of transformations. Immediately, its khaki bodywork as well as the yellow elements bring a unique pep to this Buggy which takes on a delicious toy side for very friendly adults.

The differences are significant with the affixing of a visor above the windshield, faithful to the initial concept, which visor frames a hood of much better composition than the first series and which allows a real seal in the service of greater versatility, reinforced by the transparent plastic covers which are fixed on the new door frames and which also allow My Ami Buggy to be used during periods of rain or wind but not in very cold weather.

Especially since this buggy version has no ventilation or heating, useless since the purpose of My Ami Buggy is to take advantage of an open cockpit to offer real freedom. This allowed the brand's teams to move the automatic transmission buttons to integrate them on the "central console", guaranteeing better ergonomics and much easier use. The interior modifications continue with a new design of handset which is equipped with a plastic element in the shape of a semi-circle and which brings a small retro effect, plastic element which it will be necessary to keep in mind because something tells us that it should end up somewhere else soon.

Finally, the interior of My Ami Buggy receives new storage with a small bag that attaches to the steering wheel, using two straps that wrap around the spokes. This small bag allows you to store small accessories that you can then take with you when the car is parked.

Organized in a very beautiful place under a magnificent sun, this first AmiFest was an opportunity for Citroën to celebrate the third anniversary of its little chip which, to everyone's astonishment, is a great success everywhere it is marketed. . The very young population of the event also allows the brand to rejuvenate its clientele in the hope that it manages to retain its first friendly customers when they need a larger and more versatile car.

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