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Citroën, the French' second favourite car brand

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Since its creation, Citroën has never ceased to shake up the world of motoring, offering models that have become legendary and have forever left their mark on French motoring history. With these very popular models, Citroën has found a place in the hearts of the French, who confirm this today by ranking the brand as their second favourite car brand.

This is according to the Posternak/Ifop barometer, based on a survey of 1,004 people, representative of the French population, who were asked the following question: "Depending on what you have heard about these major companies in recent months, do they have a very good image, a fairly good image, a fairly bad image or a very bad image?

In this ranking, Citroën is in 6th place with 78% positive opinions, 10% of which are very positive. The brand is on a positive trend, having gained 1 point since the previous survey conducted last quarter. Citroën is overtaken by:

  • Michelin

  • Leclerc

  • Peugeot

  • Intermarché

  • Yves Rocher

If Citroën is in 6th place in the general brand ranking, it is in 2nd place in the car brand ranking behind Peugeot, which is only 2 points ahead of the chevron brand, the lion brand having lost 2 points since the last survey, but 4 points since September, when it was the French people's favourite brand. Citroën is therefore ahead of Renault, which is in 8th place with 74% positive opinions, a figure which is 4 points higher for the diamond brand.

Despite a difficult context for Citroën, which has seen the brand reduce its media presence and communication, the French have maintained their attachment to the brand with the chevrons, a sign that, despite falling sales, the link between Citroën and the French has not been broken and that the brand has the capacity to recover and see its sales increase again. This second place is therefore good news for Citroën, especially as it is part of a positive trend.

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