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André Citroën: on his way to the pantheon?

Portrait of André Citroën, the founder of the brand

Citroën owes a great deal to its founder, who poured all his talent and inspiration into the brand in order to create a different brand in the landscape that made the automobile accessible. His grandson, Henri-Jacques Citroën, works in the memory of his grandfather who, 78 years after his death, remains as relevant as ever in his ideas. A visionary genius, a talented industrialist who did much for France, is André Citroën on his way to joining the pantheon?

This is the meaning of the initiative taken by Henri-Jacques Citroën and a support committee made up of 63 other personalities, who submitted the proposal to the President of the Republic. André Citroën would thus be the first industrialist to enter the Pantheon, the temple reserved for great men who deserve national recognition. An important gesture at a time when the REINDUSTRIALISATION of France was a priority.

André Citroën was an exceptional personality who represented France, a country that welcomed this son of immigrants and then became a country of excellence for this industrialist who, in ten years, created Citroën and made it the leading automobile manufacturer in Europe and the second in the world. A visionary, André Citroën knew how to surround himself with the best and to innovate in order to make his cars increasingly comfortable and accessible to all. But André Citroën was also at the forefront of human relations, where he did a great deal for women, who represented up to 3/4 of the workforce during the First World War, and for whom he had a crèche, a nursery, an infirmary and a changing room built. . André Citroën also showed this special attention to women in his cars, some of which were designed specifically for women.

André Citroën was not only a man of cars, but also a man of communication, which enabled him to achieve some of the greatest successes of the last century, such as the illumination of the Eiffel Tower or the inscription of the letters Citroën in the sky of Paris. An innovative, visionary and caring man, André Citroën made a significant contribution to France's international influence and the strengthening of the French economy. At a time when reindustrialisation is needed, André Citroën remains an inspiration to many entrepreneurs and continues to inspire great admiration, especially in the network of Brand Agents, a network to which André Citroën gave his heart and soul.

For all these reasons, his induction into the Pantheon makes sense and would be the first by an industrialist, an important signal at a time when we are trying to strengthen industry in France. That is why Henri-Jacques Citroën is launching this major initiative, which you can support by signing an online petition calling for André Citroën's entry into the Pantheon. To sign the petition, click on the following link: -89e0-11ee-977a-235f1fa9515f&utm_source=share_petition&utm_campaign=share_for_starters_page&utm_medium=copylink


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