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[Analysis] February 2023 review - the main European markets

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The figures for the main European car markets have all been communicated, which allows us to know a little more about the evolution of the market in Europe, as these 7 countries represent more than 80% of the European market.

This analysis therefore allows us to know a little more about the behaviour of the brands during the month of February 2023, before the official figures for all European countries are available. It also allows us to learn more about the weight of each country in the sales of the brands.

As expected, the markets were positive in February, a trend that has been observed in Europe for the past six months and which is the result of an improvement in the availability of vehicles, even if it is still well below the levels seen before the crisis. If the markets are therefore up by 12.68%, the Stellantis brands, with the exception of DS, are performing much less well, particularly Citroën, which is suffering from the fall in sales in France. In fact, the brand's sales were positive in all countries except Italy, but these performances did not compensate for the losses suffered in France, which proves that Citroën's problem is indeed France.

This is confirmed by the weight of each country in the sales of the various brands: France accounts for just over 37% of Citroën's total sales, while Peugeot's sales in France account for 45.36% and those of DS for 55.85%. . Citroën is therefore much weaker than its sister brands in France, which is its main country and which has a very strong influence on Citroën's sales in Europe. On the one hand, it is a delicate situation because the impact is strong, but on the other hand, it is good not to be dependent on a single country and to be able to count on a good presence everywhere, which makes it possible to compensate for the losses suffered in its market. This is the case in France, where Citroën's sales fell by 23.71%, but its results in its main markets fell by only 6.15%, a good sign that the brand's good performance is almost compensating for its losses in France. In other countries.

The final figures for Europe will be published within the next week or so, and we will then be able to see whether these results are confirmed. For your information, here are all the sales figures for the countries concerned for 2022 and 2023:

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