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A successful sales weekend for Citroën in France

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The Open House weekend, held on 11 and 12 March, enabled Citroën to record a large number of orders and the best Open House for a long time. The arrival of the C4 X and the specific electric offers encouraged customers to visit the dealership, allowing Citroën to register a large volume of orders.

While Citroën is in a delicate situation in France, with declining sales mainly due to logistical problems, which are strongly affecting Spain, the country where 60% of the Citroën range is built, the arrival of good news such as these Open Doors successes is heart-warming and should have a positive impact on deliveries over the coming months.

During this Open Day weekend, Citroën received more than 3,000 orders, a very significant improvement compared to the previous Open Day in January (+34%), but also a significant increase compared to the Open Day in March 2022 (+10%), a sign of the growing attractiveness of the range. Above all, these open days are the best recorded by the brand for several months, which could indicate that the horizon is clearing for Citroën and that it could regain its real level in France, i.e. a market share of around 11%.

These open days were also an opportunity to highlight the C4 X, which has the potential to be a pleasant surprise in France. Citroën's new family saloon has thus been highlighted by a number of dealers who have been able to demonstrate the great qualities of this 4-door saloon in competition with the Arkana. This is positive news, therefore, that these open doors are successful, a trend that should continue over the next few weeks as the brand's product news will be loaded with the C4, which now offers the two-tone roof and the multimedia system of the C5x, the arrival of the 180 hybrid on the C5 Aircross and C5 X or even the arrival of the mild hybrid engine on the C5 Aircross and other surprises that the brand is preparing for us that are extremely interesting.

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