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A new dealership for Citroën in Japan

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Citroën is continuing its development in Japan with a new dealership that will allow the brand to further expand its network and thus its visibility. After the restyling of the C5 Aircross, the arrival of the C5 X and the 7-seater and Trico versions of the Berlingo, Citroën has been very busy in Japan in recent months.

On 4 March, Citroën will inaugurate its new dealership in Japan, called "Citroën Sapporo Minami". This dealership will open in a prime location on National Road 36, in the Kiyota district of Sapporo, and will be celebrating its opening with a weekend of festivities.

The exterior of the building has been designed to be warm and relaxed, with grey, Citroën's brand identity, applied to the exterior wall. This new dealership still has the old backlit logo, while a totem is displayed on the outside. Inside, the principle of La Maison Citroën is taken up with a warm atmosphere, the walls are covered with giant screens to configure or continue the configuration of your car, a shop area is reserved for the purchase of miniatures of the brand, while a drinks corner is available.

This new Citroën dealership will be shared with the other brands in the Stellantis group (DS and Peugeot) in a logic of multi-brand sites, which are becoming more and more common. This will enable Citroën to expand its network, making the brand more accessible and increasing its visibility. The brand's recent wealth of news in Japan should logically attract customers to this dealership to discover the new 7-seater Berlingo, the Trico range or even the future novelties that will arrive in the coming months.

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