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A new Citroën dealership in Japan

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Citroën's news is certainly busy in Japan, where the brand is expanding its network with a new dealership to be inaugurated on 15 April. After the one in Sapporo, it is in Morioka that Citroën will open its new dealership, in a place where Peugeot is also present.

The new dealership will bring together two Stellantis brands in a single location on National Highway 4 in Yahaba-cho, Shiwa-gun, Iwate Prefecture. The grand opening will be accompanied by an open weekend on 15 and 16 April.

This new multi-brand dealership will have two identical parts, one for Citroën and one for Peugeot, with the Citroën part adopting a warm and relaxed design by using grey, the identity of the Citroën brand, on the exterior façade. The showroom is designed to be accessible from two side roads. In addition, a side entrance is covered so that customers can be welcomed in comfort even in rainy weather.

The interior consists of a modern light grey tiled showroom, a black carpeted business meeting room and a lounge. Following the concept of La Maison Citroën, the space has a warm atmosphere with furniture that can display various collections such as LCD screens and miniature cars, as well as a relaxed drinks counter. It should be noted that the interior of the concession bears the brand's new logo and signature, unlike the exterior totem with the old logo.

This new concession will allow Citroën to cover more areas and therefore benefit from better visibility, which should have an impact on sales.

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