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A new boss for Citroën in Germany

Thomas Goldboom new head of Citroën in Germany

Patrick Dinger, the current head of Citroën in Germany, will hand over the reins to Thomas Goldboom on November 1st. Patrick Dinger will therefore be leaving the brand in Germany in the blink of an eye and Citroën will have a new boss who will have to ensure that the brand's sales on the German market increase.

Thomas Goldboom, who was previously in charge of the Stellantis used car business in Germany, will take over as Managing Director of Citroën Germany on 1 November 2023. The 42-year-old will succeed Patrick Dinger, who will take over the management of the Opel brand in Germany on the same date. This is a return to the Citroën brand for Thomas Goldboom, who was previously Sales Director in Germany.

Citroën plays an important role in Stellantis' global strategy, particularly thanks to the new pricing strategy in Germany and the approach of the new ë-C3, with which the brand aims to make electric cars accessible to all.

Lars Bialkowski, head of Stellantis Germany, said: "With Thomas Goldboom, we want to continue the transformation towards the ë-brand and gradually strengthen Citroën's position on the German market". Thomas Goldboom studied business administration at the University of Rostock and began his career in the automotive industry in 2007 in the areas of remarketing and dealer network development at Skoda Auto Deutschland, before moving to Hyundai Motor Deutschland GmbH in 2010, where he worked as a remarketer and fleet manager.

This means that Citroën will have had two bosses in eleven months, which is not the best way to manage the development of a brand that has suffered in recent months. Let's hope this new boss will stay long enough to properly launch the new C3, whose success is crucial for Citroën.

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