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A luxury Citroën AMI? version inspired by Aston Martin

Image of a customised Citroën AMI inspired by the elegance and power of the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera.

It's a fact: the Citroën AMI has been designed to be as affordable as possible and to make electric urban mobility accessible to everyone. With a rental price starting at €19.99, the AMI offers real performance, allowing you to get around town without breaking the bank. But that doesn't stop some people from wanting a deluxe version, a gift from a father to his son with a very special AMI.

It was a Monegasque who wanted to give his 16-year-old son a special Citroën AMI inspired by his Aston Martin. He entrusted this mission to Castagna Milano, who designed around sixty specific parts to transform the small AMI into a much more luxurious vehicle, where fine materials are omnipresent, while offering an updated AMI, as it bears the brand's new logo.

The customer, who owns an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, wanted his son's Citroën AMI to have a black theme with a combination of matt and gloss finishes and contrasting yellow accents, inspired somewhere by the theme on his Aston Martin. Visually, the two cars are very close to each other, even if everything seems to go against them.

Castagno Milano has designed 60 new parts, 40 of them using 3D printing, which allow the Citroën AMI to be modified without completely upsetting it. The bumper strips have been redesigned to incorporate the new Citroën logo, Aston Martin-designed alloy wheels are available, the paintwork is different with a glossy black roof contrasting with the matt black bodywork, but the basic design of the AMI is respected, as is the presence of the chevrons on the bumper elements.

Inside, the aesthetic changes concern the steering wheel, which has a new logo, the repositioning of the gearbox control on the central console, and a change in upholstery, replacing the basic plastic with much more refined materials such as Alcantara or leather, while the floor mats have a generous thickness of 3 cm.

This luxury version of AMI is interesting because it shows that it is possible to offer a better equipped version of AMI without losing its characteristics and qualities. It also gives us a glimpse of an updated AMI that incorporates the new Citroën logo, which fits in well with the AMI design. Could this luxury version be inspired by Citroën to offer an AMI Pallas? The dream is allowed.

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