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9-month review 2023 - FRANCE car market

Driven by good results in recent months, the French car market showed a positive trend in the first nine months of the year with an increase of 15.9% to 1,288,624 units, which should allow it to end the year at around 1.8 million units. Although this is an increase compared to 2022, it is in fact a very low level and would return to that of 2013, the second worst year since the beginning of the 2000s.

In this context, sales of :

  • ABARTH were 344 units

  • ALFA ROMÉO were up 69.2% to 2,851 units, giving a market share of 0.2%.

  • CITROËN were down 2.7% to 96,483 units, giving a market share of 7.5%.

  • DS up 20.4% to 19,038 units for a market share of 1.5%.

  • FIAT up 2.7% to 29,400 units for a market share of 2.3%.

  • JEEP were up 19.4% to 5,434 units for a market share of 0.4%.

  • MASERATI are 97 units

  • OPEL up 13.1% to 32,751 units for a market share of 2.5%.

  • PEUGEOT are up 0.8% to 185,020 units for a market share of 14.4%.

In total, Stellantis sold 371,418 units, an increase of 2.5% for a market share of 28.8%, which means that the group is still ahead of Renault, but the gap is narrowing considerably. If in 2022 Stellantis will be 8.2 percentage points ahead of Renault, in 2023 the gap will be 3.5 points.

Despite a positive month of September, Citroën's sales for the first nine months of the year were down, but they must be put into perspective with 2022, when the C4 Spacetourer was still on sale. The latter represented 4,066 units last year, so as many losses this year with the end of its marketing. Without the C4 Spacetourer, Citroën's sales increased by 1.41%, certainly not enough to keep up with the market growth, but better than Peugeot, which benefited from the 408, which was not sold in 2022.

Here is the annual Top 20:

Here are the sales of Citroëns outside the Top 20:

With the entry of the ëC4 into the Top 100, I am able to give you the full figures for the C4. The good performance of the electric C4 in September (516 units sold) represents almost 19% of total sales of the ëC4 in the first nine months, which shows whether the brand's offer of its compact electric sedan is effective and has helped to reverse the trend.

Here are the DS sales figures:

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