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5-month review 2023 - UNITED KINGDOM car market

The month of May having once again been positive, the balance sheet for its first five months of the year is therefore good for the automotive market in the United Kingdom, which posted an increase of 16.8% to 772,454 units. Electric vehicles are the big winners since they saw their sales increase by 31.1% to 121,268 units representing a market share of 15.7%.

In this context, the sales of:

  • ABARTH are down 74.97% to 180 units

  • ALFA ROMEO are down 4.48% to 597 units

  • CITROËN are up 10.16% to 13,996 units for a market share of 1.81%

  • DS are up 11.69% to 1,252 units

  • FIAT are down 11.76% to 8,190 units for a market share of 1.90%

  • JEEP are up 22.04% at 1,235 units

  • MASERATI are 459 units

  • PEUGEOT are down 3.30% to 25,702 units for a market share of 3.33%

  • VAUXHALL are up 4.61% to 39,578 units for a market share of 5.12%

In total, Stellantis sales are 91,189 units for a market share of 11.81%. Citroën sales remain positive despite a bad month of May, the brand doing a little less than the market but better than Peugeot, Fiat or Vauxhall.

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