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What insurance should I choose for my new Citroën C3?

Les projecteurs de la nouvelle Citroën C3

Inflation is currently exerting considerable pressure on households' purchasing power, which is having a significant impact on their budgets, given the sustained rise in prices in recent months. In this tight economic environment, it is imperative to look for intelligent ways to reduce expenditure, with a particular focus on areas where budgetary constraints are felt. The car, which is often associated with significant costs, offers interesting opportunities to reduce expenditure, particularly in terms of insurance.

A C3 from €54 per month with Electric Social Leasing

When buying a new car, the cost of insurance can be a significant burden on the budget, given the higher intrinsic value of a new car compared to a used one. In the face of this financial challenge, an innovative response has recently emerged in the form of electric social leasing, a government initiative that has been very successful, particularly at Citroën. The Chevron brand is offering its new electric C3 from €54 per month to beneficiaries of electric social leasing. This option is not limited to reducing the purchase budget, but also extends to ongoing savings thanks to reduced maintenance costs and the benefits associated with the use of electric vehicles, such as significant savings on traditional fuels.

As part of this constant search for cost optimisation, the review of car insurance contracts plays a crucial role. This is where Groupama's Third Party Plus car insurance comes into its own. Positioned between third party liability insurance, which is considered simple but accessible, and the so-called all-risk premium formula, which is known for its completeness but higher cost, third party liability plus car insurance offers an interesting balance. This intermediate formula includes the minimum civil liability guarantee, with the possibility of adding additional guarantees that can be adapted to the specific needs of each insured.

Third-party plus car insurance thus covers the civil liability of the vehicle, but can also include guarantees such as assistance, defence against recourse, glass breakage, protection against natural disasters, fire, theft, as well as protection of the driver in the event of vehicle theft or an accident caused by a third party. For those who wish to reduce their car-related expenses, especially those with a limited budget, such as the beneficiaries of the government's social electric leasing scheme, Groupama's third party liability plus car insurance is a sensible alternative.

Third party insurance plus, an economical solution for complete protection

The strategic decision to opt for Third Party Insurance Plus is not simply a financial measure, but an informed choice to maintain adequate protection while reducing costs. This option offers a significant cost reduction of up to 10-15% compared to the all-risk formula, while guaranteeing a solid level of guarantee. It is important to point out that "Third Party Plus" insurance includes: compulsory civil liability, which guarantees compensation to victims in the event of a disaster, whether they are passengers and drivers of other vehicles, occupants of the insured vehicle, cyclists, pedestrians or even owners of damaged property such as walls, gates and windows.

In conclusion, in these times of continuing inflation, the need to reduce one's expenses is even more important. It is essential to carefully examine all the options available in order to choose the solution that offers the best guarantee while adapting to a limited budget, such as Groupama's third party liability plus motor insurance. In the context of electric social leasing, this strategic choice, combined with the attractive price of the new Citroën C3, can result in an advantageous monthly car budget of around €100 or less, offering a particularly attractive economic perspective for conscious consumers.

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