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Watch Citroën's amazing C5 Aircross ads in the Middle East

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Citroën is gradually extending the marketing of the redesigned C5 Aircross around the world. If the brand played on the notion of sharing for its launch campaign in France, Citroën has produced two surprising commercials for the marketing of the C5 Aircross, which play on comfort and humour.

It's a fact that comfort has once again become one of Citroën's strong points in recent years and its entire range is much more comfortable than the competition. It is therefore natural for Citroën to focus its communication on comfort, and in particular on the C5 Aircross, which is a marvel in this respect with its double-action hydraulic suspension and Advanced Comfort seats.

For marketing in the Middle East, Citroën is therefore launching two adverts that combine comfort and humour, featuring Hamoody Bamby, a very popular artist in this part of the world. In the first commercial, the artist has the difficult task of transporting bees, which remain calm thanks to the comfort of the C5 Aircross:

In a second ad, Citroën continues to focus on humour and comfort by giving Hamoody Bamby a difficult mission: to have his beard and hair cut while driving. No problem, because the C5 Aircross, with its magic carpet effect, erases the imperfections of the road, allowing the artist to have a perfectly executed haircut.

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