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To promote its positive actions, Citroën partners with Weare8 in the UK

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Since 2015, Citroën has been committed to a responsible approach through the "Feel Good" concept, which has since evolved to make Citroën a human brand, close to its customers and concerned about meeting challenges, particularly climate change. As part of this continuity, the brand is working with the Weare8 application in the UK to share inspiring stories.

Citroën and social media app WeAre8 are therefore announcing an innovative new collaboration that will highlight the positive action partnerships that Citroën is proud to champion in the UK.

WeAre8's revolutionary social app is designed to inspire and empower citizens with eight minutes of exclusive content from top creators. Built around a transformative ad revenue model, citizens are valued and paid every time they watch an ad, with money also going to charity and climate solutions. WeAre8 has now announced the launch of Collaborate, an expanded client offering for brands looking to go beyond business results with marketing solutions that positively impact people and support the planet.

Citroën is positioning itself as the UK launch partner for the network's new Collaborate platform. Through Collaborate, Citroën and WeAre8 will launch a series of cross-platform content that will take a behind-the-scenes look at Citroën's partnerships with a number of UK charities, organisations and social enterprises, including Big Issue Group, SignLive, Band of Builders and Citizen Zoo

Big Issue Group

In August 2022, Citroën UK announced its partnership with Big Issue Group to supply 16 all-electric vans as support vehicles for the delivery of The Big Issue magazine to local suppliers across the UK. Using ë-Berlingo and ë-Jumpy vans from Citroën's ë-VUL range, the fleet aims to help the Big Issue Group make its delivery process more sustainable.

Tackling carbon emissions in urban environments has become a key issue for local community leaders and government in many cities across the UK, and vans are perfectly suited to operating in the growing number of low emission zones in these regions. The partnership with the Big Issue Group is another example of Citroën's commitment to "electrification for all" through a range of electrified cars and vans that are accessible to all.


Citroën's partnership with SignLive, announced in August 2021, was the first of its kind in the UK. More than 11 million people in the UK are deaf or hard of hearing, and all of them will be able to use SignLive's video interpreters to communicate in British Sign Language across Citroën's extensive sales and service network of 190 sites.

Band of Builders

Band of Builders is a national construction charity that provides practical, financial and welfare support to members of the UK construction industry and their families who are facing adversity due to illness, injury or life-changing circumstances.

In 2019, the organisation was granted charity status in England and Wales and is now officially working to help members of the construction industry and their families across the country in times of need.

Band of Builders helps people through the planning, management and completion of a wide range of projects, including the provision of accessible bathrooms and kitchens, wheelchair ramps, lodges and even complete home renovations.

They also provide practical, financial and welfare support to those working in the construction industry and work in partnership with Citroën to ensure they can help as many people as possible.

Citizen Zoo

Citizen Zoo is a dedicated rewilding organisation in the UK, made up of a passionate team and volunteers across the country, all working to restore nature and help species and habitats thrive.

Their mission is to create a world full of wildlife, a world full of the full spectrum of nature's diversity, beauty and abundance.

They achieve this mission by restoring habitats to working order, reintroducing species to their former ranges and empowering people and communities to take action to protect their local nature.

Citroën is working with Citizen Zoo to support their various projects in the UK, including the captive breeding of rare large marsh grasshoppers for reintroduction, habitat restoration and invasive species monitoring to support the reintroduction of water voles, and a fantastic project to unlock the full potential of 43 hectares of urban farmland through rewilding.

Clare White, Marketing Director at Citroën UK, said: "We are thrilled to be telling the stories of our important collaborations in a new way, using WeAre8's original and engaging platform. We work with fantastic organisations running positive action and inclusion programmes across the country and we're proud to be an integral part of what they do, whether it's through our support or their work with us".

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