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Thierry Koskas, the new head of Citroën, visits Spain

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Appointed just a month ago, Citroën's new boss, Thierry Koskas, took over from Vincent Cobée on 1st March. On his first trip outside France since taking up his post, Thierry Koskas travelled to Spain to underline the importance of this country for Citroën.

Citroën has been present in Spain since 1925 and has been manufacturing vehicles in Vigo since 1958. An almost century-long relationship with Spain, which has become one of the brand's main markets with more than 60,000 cars sold in 2022, representing a market share of 6.4%.

These are undoubtedly the reasons that led the new Citroën boss to visit Spain, where he was able to review the commercial and industrial facets of Citroën during his stay. He met with the brand's senior management and had the opportunity to observe the production process of the Citroën C4 and C4 X at the Stellantis plant in Madrid, the only plant in the world to produce these two models. The commercial network also featured prominently on his agenda: he met with concession managers and visited certain points of the brand's network.

Spain is an important country for Citroën as the brand produces 4 of its cars there, but Citroën's commercial performance in the country is good given the current situation in the automotive industry. However, the brand has made a complete turnaround in Spain, with sales of the C3, C4 and the entire range, as opposed to a time when Citroën mainly sold Berlingos and C-Elysées. The visit of Thierry Koskas could therefore be a sign of what is working in Spain, as opposed to what is blocking in France, where the brand's sales have been falling for some time.

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