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The new Citroën e-C3 is set to become the ambassador of electric mobility in Italy.

The new electric Citroën C3

On Sunday, 2 June at 2:00 p.m., Rai Due launched an innovative new format called “Urban Green”. Hosted by Carolina Rey and Mario Acampa, this programme produced by Etra Srl and based on an idea by Gianluigi Polisena, will focus on the evolution of cities from the perspective of spaces, new expressions of sustainability and models of most advanced urban use.

The Citroën e-C3, an ambassador of electric mobility, will embark on a journey across Italy to showcase the potential of electric vehicles to the general public. Over four episodes, the e-C3 will travel through several Italian cities, including Trento, Mantua, Pordenone and Brescia, which have made notable contributions to sustainability. It will also visit more complex metropolises like Milan, Rome and Naples.

"This educational project aligns perfectly with Citroën's overarching strategy, which is to make the electrification process accessible to all. The New ë-C3, with its excellent characteristics offered at revolutionary commercial conditions, is just one example of how Citroën is making the electrification process accessible to all. Another is the company's commitment to awareness and training projects which aim to support consumers in the energy transition". Alessandro Musumeci, Director of Marketing at Citroën Italia, cites the Citroën ë-Lovers program, which encourages all motorists to become electric ambassadors, as an example of the brand's commitment to the electric vehicle market. He also mentions the Citroën Drive all Electric tour, which promotes the new direction of mobility directly in Italian squares, and the Giro-E and Citroën Houses, new urban references that revolutionize the purchasing experience.

The new ë-C3 is more than just an electric car. It is a high-performance, accessible electric car that symbolises Citroën’s commitment to sustainable mobility. The brand offers attractive financing solutions, such as Citroën Electricité Sociale, and sets up awareness and training programmes to support consumers in the energy transition.

The new Citroën ë-C3 is an excellent ambassador for electric mobility, offering impressive performance, comfort, design and accessibility. It represents an important step in Citroën's strategy aimed at offering sustainable mobility solutions accessible to all. These initiatives, coupled with recent incentives from the Italian government, should contribute to a rise in sales of electric cars in Italy. Citroën is poised to capitalise on this growth.

In conclusion, the new Citroën e-C3 is much more than just an electric car. The new Citroën e-C3 is the brand's clearest symbol yet of its transition towards more sustainable and responsible mobility. The new ë-C3 is part of a global strategy by the brand to make electric mobility more accessible to a wider audience. This results in attractive commercial offers, as well as awareness-raising and training actions aimed at the general public.

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