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The first teaser photo of the Citroën C3 Aircross has been unveiled: a promising taste!

Première photo teaser du Citroën C3 Aircross : un aperçu du design du nouveau SUV avant sa présentation officielle.

A few days before the presentation of the future C3 Aircross, Citroën unveils a first photo as an announcement that allows us to know more about the style of this next SUV that will allow Citroën to extend its visibility in India and America. Latin.

So the next C3 Aircross will be unveiled on 27th April, we will then discover the second vehicle of the C-Cubed programme for India and Latin America, to allow Citroën to develop its sales locally and thus be less dependent on Europe. First confirmation by this announcement: the next B-SUB from Citroën will be called C3 Aircross, some rumours suggested that the name could be different.

Second confirmation: this C3 Aircross will be very different from the C3, even if it will share certain elements with it, including the bonnet and the headlights, but that Citroën is dressing, in view of this first image, with a design specific to the brand's next urban SUV. Despite the average visibility, we can see that the C3 Aircross will no longer have the chrome bars that connect the chevrons to the DRLs in a Y, whereas they were present on the C3. Similarly, looking closely at this photo, we can notice a rather imposing black grille as it goes from the bonnet to the birth of the air vent, thus integrating all the projectors and DRLs included.

Third confirmation, the front fenders are very different from those of the C3 and seem to give this C3 Aircross a real fighter look that it imposes, the front fender also returns to the front face to separate the headlights in two.

Only six days to go until we finally have all the information and photos of this second generation C3 Aircross that will reveal all these characteristics. However, this first photo is very interesting, it shows that the C3 Aircross will be very different from the C3, with its own characteristics, including, of course, a very present adventurous aspect. The C3 Aircross will be available on the website from 27th April and will be the subject of a special feature in the next issue of the magazine, which will be published on 30th April.

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