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The Citroën C5 Aircross is the best-selling hybrid car in France since the beginning of the year.

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Since its launch, the Citroën C5 Aircross has regularly been among the top 3 best-selling plug-in hybrids in France, without ever taking the top spot. In recent months, the brand's large SUV has been clinging to second place, closing in on the first position it took in February. v

With 10,493 units sold in February, plug-in hybrids recorded a sales increase of 8.3% and now represent 8.3% of the French car market. The C5 Aircross is in first place with 653 units sold and a 15% increase in sales, giving it a market share of 6.22% and making it the only vehicle to pass the 600 unit mark.

The rechargeable hybrid version thus accounts for more than 32% of C5 Aircross sales, while the 3008 Hybrid's share falls below 20%.

Citroën's large SUV is taking advantage of its successful restyling to move forward again and takes the lead in sales for the first two months of the year with 1,221 units sold, representing a market share of 5.87%. It is ahead of the DS 7, which has sold 1,125 units since the beginning of the year, and the Peugeot 3008 (1,096 units).

It should be noted that the C5 Aircross is also the third best-selling hybrid model on the used car market since the beginning of the year.

The plug-in hybrid version of the C5 Aircross has therefore performed well commercially and is the sales leader in its segment, demonstrating Citroën's ability to capitalise on the electrification of the market. The C5 Aircross, which is full of qualities, is therefore justly rewarded, having been in the top 3 for so long, it has now avenged itself by taking the top spot in sales, and let's hope that this trend continues, especially with the arrival of the 180 bhp hybrid version, which should allow it to do even better.

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