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The Citroën 2CV is the favourite car of the French.

The radio station RTL organised last week the election of the favourite car of the French in which participated 2 Citroëns of the most mythical, namely the 2Cv and the DS. With more than 100,000 votes collected in 8 days, it is the 2CV that wins this election.

The battle was fierce between the Citroën 2Cv and the Renault 4, which flew over this election and were very often wheel to wheel, but in the end the famous and legendary deuche took a long lead to finally be voted France's favourite car.

The results were announced on Monday 8th May and it was an opportunity to hear Denis Huille, Director of the Citroën Conservatory, talk about this vote and the reasons why the 2Cv is so dear to the hearts of the French.

Another noteworthy and significant fact about this poll: although Citroën only had two cars selected out of the eight competing, the chevron brand did best, placing the DS in 3rd place alongside the 2CV in first place, meaning that Citroën had its two selected cars on the podium. Citroën remains a brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the French people, as this vote proves once again.

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