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Stellantis: Thierry Koskas now 100% at the helm of Citroën

Therry Koskas, head of Citroën

Stellantis today announced a series of major organisational changes that will take effect on 1 June 2024. These strategic changes are designed to strengthen the company's capabilities in several key areas, including sales, marketing and customer experience.

Here are the key nominations and related topics.

Luca Napolitano: new Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Luca Napolitano, currently CEO of the Lancia brand, has been appointed Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Stellantis. He succeeds Thierry Koskas, who has done an excellent job of building this function. Napolitano will also continue to lead Lancia, bringing with him unrivalled business expertise and a wealth of experience in the automotive industry. He has proven his skills in fleet and retail sales, as well as in the management and development of dealer networks in Europe and the Africa Middle East region.

Thierry Koskas: a timely appointment for Citroën

Thierry Koskas will now devote his full attention to the overall development of the Citroën brand. Citroën is preparing to launch the new C3 in the next few days, followed by the new C3 Aircross in the coming months. These two new models embody the brand's new philosophy and are expected to significantly boost sales. The appointment of Koskas, who will now be able to focus exclusively on Citroën, will breathe new life into the brand. His commercial and marketing expertise, which he has already demonstrated since his first appointment, will be a valuable asset in ensuring the success of these launches and boosting Citroën's sales.

Olivier Bourges: Chief Customer Experience Officer

Olivier Bourges has been appointed Chief Customer Experience Officer, succeeding Richard Schwarzwald who is leaving Stellantis for personal reasons. Bourges is now responsible for achieving the ambitious goal of the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan: to make Stellantis number 1 in customer satisfaction. His in-depth knowledge of the industry and Stellantis' operations will be a great asset in this endeavour.

Clara Ingen-Housz: Head of Global Corporate Office and Public Affairs

Clara Ingen-Housz, who joined Stellantis at the beginning of 2024, succeeds Olivier Bourges as Head of Global Corporate Office and Public Affairs. She also joins the Top Executive Team. Formerly Legal Director and Director of Ethics and Compliance for the Saint-Gobain Group, Clara brings a solid international career with experience in Hong Kong, New York and Brussels. His appointment strengthens the diversity and expertise within the Stellantis management team.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, thanked Richard Schwarzwald for his dynamism and commitment to customers during the first years of Stellantis. He also expressed "his confidence in Thierry Koskas to drive Citroën's growth, in Olivier Bourges to improve customer satisfaction and warmly congratulated Clara Ingen-Housz on her new appointment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Richard for his dynamism and total commitment to our customers, as well as for his contribution to the first years of Stellantis. I wish him all the best. I am also confident in Thierry's ability to drive the growth of the Citroën brand, in Olivier's ability to promote customer satisfaction, and I warmly congratulate Clara on her appointment to the Group's management team as we continue to implement the Dare Forward 2030 plan."

In conclusion, these organisational changes at Stellantis demonstrate a clear desire to strengthen its positions in key sectors while preparing for the future with ambitious objectives. Stellantis is thus continuing on its path towards sustainable growth and increased customer satisfaction, in line with its Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan. For his part, Thierry Koskas will now devote his full attention to Citroën, even though the brand has taken up most of his time in recent years. These changes come at the right time for the brand as it prepares to launch the new C3, followed soon by the new C3 Aircross.

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what will be fate of big Citroen, such as C5X ? Will it survive ?

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